Three Months in Utrecht


I spent the last three months of 2013 living and studying in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Below you’ll find 37 posts documenting both the mundane and the extraordinary of my Dutch adventures from September to December! Happy reading 🙂

First Day in the Netherlands

Day 5: Observations

College, Coffee and Cycling!

Learning Dutch: Een Woord Per Dag

A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody!

Catch up: Week 3

NaBloPoMo.. Something a Little Different

If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Overdoing

Diary of a Foodaholic

It’s Never Too Late To Procrastinate!

The Ultimate Garden Centre

Day 6… Just About!

Sharing Moments, Collecting Memories

Day 8: Sharing The Love

Lazy Saturdays

A Heartwarming Sunday

Once Upon a November

The Countdown Is On!

Day 13

Caffeine: The Real Vitamin C!

The Hibernation Chronicles I

Library & Oliebollen Love

Sinterklaas Is Coming To Town

Totally Lekker!

My Dutch Family

Frangipani Fever!

Certain Uncertainty!

Classical Twist

Celebrating the Little Things

Sunday Is For…

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Don’t Judge Me…

10 Tips to Hot Chocolate Heaven!

Giving Thanks!

When I’m a Grown Up…


A Day in the Dam



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