Travel Adventures

Before January 2013, I had never experienced any real longing for travel. The word ‘wanderlust’ was constantly thrown around by my friends, and I shrugged it off like a passing trend that they would soon get over. Little did I know when embarking on my Masters Degree in September 2012, that the two years to follow would not only educate me academically, but I would emerge culturally enlightened and travel hungry.

My passion for exploring new countries and cultures was ignited in January 2013 and it has been burning bright ever since. I don’t want to travel, I need to travel. I need to spread my wings and take the scenic route to my next destination. I need to get off the beaten track, drink coffee with the locals, and lose myself in history to understand who I really am.

So in this section you will find everything wanderlust and travel related; cities I’ve been to, countries I would like to visit, my new found appreciation for my native Ireland, language learning and my cultural journey to self-awareness in between the adventures!

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” – David Mitchell


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