Day 1-3 | 100 Happy Days Take Two! | NaBloPoMo Day 23


Way back in January 2013 I participated in the 100 Happy Days Challenge where you post one picture a day of something that made you happy. The idea behind it is to get people to appreciate the little things, live in the moment and to boost general happiness. If you know me personally or have followed my musings for a while, you’ll know that I’m generally a very happy, positive & optimistic person, so something like this is right up my street. After completing the challenge, I learned to live consciously each day. I developed a heightened awareness for everything going on around me, and a new gratitude for the small moments in my seemly mundane & monotonous life.

So when I read that my blogging buddy & fellow lover of everything Dutch, Mariawanted to start logging her gratitude for every day occurrences, I immediately thought of the 100 Days Challenge and how fun it would be to start it all over again!

Together, along with my other friend Théa we’ve decided to undertake the 100 Happy Days Challenge once again, and we’re inviting everyone to come join us! Because what is better than being happy!

Check out the girls below (scroll down to the end of the post for my links), and if you’re participating let us know so we can share in your happy moments too! #100HappyDays let’s do this!

Maria: | Twitter: @mariavsmith_ | Instagram: @mariavictoriasmith | #100HappydaysMVS

Théa: | Instagram: @taytay275

2015-11-21 16.56.55

Day 1. Saturday November 21st.

Whenever I’m feeling in a pensive mood, the only way to distract my whirling mind is to try relax as much as possible. Easier said than done. Saturday I was in fully-fledged thinking mode, actively trying to make a potentially life-changing choice, while solving all the world’s problems as I was at it. The only thing that would calm my mind was curling up with a book (or in this case the Kindle app on my iPad!), my new favourite green tea with coconut, and a citrus scented wax melt burning! Did it work? Well, it was a pleasant distraction for half an hour!

2015-11-22 17.14.22

Day 2. Sunday November 22nd. 

For about two years I have been planning on visiting the Cork City Gaol, a 19th century jail located in, as the name suggests, Cork City. I finally seized the opportunity on Sunday, and it was the perfect autumnal day for it. Crisp, dry, absolutely freezing, but well worth the visit. The gaol itself is beautiful, but the wax models have an eerie aura to them. I wouldn’t want to be walking around the building at night – their fake eyes bore holes into you!! 🙂 The gaol was followed by a trip to Blarney for coffee and cake. Anything coffee related is a happy moment for me. All in all, a lovely, happy day. Sundays are my favourite!


Day 3. Monday November 23rd.

Sunrise isn’t something I experience very often, not because I’m not awake, believe me I am. But because my bedroom faces in the opposite direction from the sun in the morning! This morning I was bringing my first cup of tea of the day up to my bedroom, I noticed flickering in the front bedroom. My initial reaction was that something was on fire!!!! A quick inspection of the box room proved that my active imagination was playing tricks on me, and the orange & pink lights I saw were in fact the sun making it’s daily appearance. I’ve experienced many sunsets in my time, but for some reason not many sunrises. Perhaps I put more value on a day ending, than a new day beginning. Either way, watching the sun rise this morning was the perfect start to, not only the morning, but to my week.

I hope you’ve all had a marvellous Monday ❤





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