Christmas Comes to Cork | NaBloPoMo Day 19

2015-11-19 21.11.16

Everyone in the states is getting ready for Thanksgiving, and on this side of the pond we’re all like, hurray it’s almost Christmas!

I’ve never experienced lights being turned on in any city before, so as I was free this evening I decided to pop into town after work and join in on the festive atmosphere. As they say in Cork, town was jammers! I got in early to get a good view of the stage, but trying to leave afterwards was a serious operation. I had to walk west in order to go east. Crazy!

2015-11-19 19.21.18

The atmosphere was electric though. Everyone wrapped up in their winter woolies, and kids were dangerously having fun waving flashing sticks around their heads. I almost lost an eye a couple of times, but hey, it’s Christmas 🙂

The show opened with a kids choir, who were actually really good and entertained us while we stood in the cold for over an hour waiting for the Lord Mayor and Jimmy Barry Murphy of Cork GAA fame to come out and flick the switch!

There were Christmas carols, banter with the MC, and of course Santa arrived for a chat. At which point I lost all hope of ever seeing the stage again because every single child was hoisted up onto their daddy’s shoulders! It was still magical though. Nothing is better than seeing Christmas through the eyes of children! And of course there was the obligatory countdown from ten to the big moment. BOOM! Fairylights GALORE!


The turnout was fantastic – credit to Rory Coomey for this fantastic photo! I love my adopted hometown of Cork, but I love it even more at Christmas. I can’t wait until the Christmas Market opens next week – festive fun & cheer all round!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



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4 thoughts on “Christmas Comes to Cork | NaBloPoMo Day 19

  1. Aw this makes me miss Cork a lot! I used to live on Grand Parade, just above the Centra there while I did my MA. Cork is really lovely at Christmas! Lovely photos Char!

    • No way! You were very central – although I suspect you may have been kept awake some nights with delightful crowds making their way passed your windows!! I do love Cork, and the way that it has welcomed me with open arms to become my adopted home! The Christmas market (Glow) opens next week – I’ll send you photos to show you what you’re missing 😉

      • It was amazing in one way, and terrible in another! My friends and I used to hang out the windows and watch everyone- it was a lot of fun. But yeah, I did see some very dodgy stuff. Plus we lived waaaay too close to the McDonalds haha!
        OMG! That will be so nice, please do! I’m like the character in Elf when it comes to Christmas haha!

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