Little Moments | NaBloPoMo Day 16

2015-11-15 19.21.25

Nothing prepares you for the love and joy you feel when there’s a baby in the family. You revert back to childhood instantly, start speaking in baby talk and go completely crazy when he smiles like it’s this new phenomenon. You start to find yourself in the baby section of every store. You walk in for socks, and leave with two new baby-grows and tiny shoes that won’t serve any purpose but to look cute on his feet!  Sitting in complete silence just staring at the baby can provide endless hours of entertainment. Baby sneezes & hiccoughs are Oscar worthy moments. You’ve lived your life without this human in it, but now that he’s here, you can’t really remember a time without him?

Even though we’ve had this bundle of joy in our lives for 19 weeks now, I still can’t get enough of the little guy. Yesterday, I got to enjoy all the cuddles with my handsome nephew. We walked all around the house chatting. I goo’d, he gaa’d. It was a delightful conversation! I showed him photographs of his Great Granny & Grandad, and a picture of Grandaddy B when he was a hip teenager in the 70s with pink flares!! He drooled all over my shoulders but I didn’t care. Because it’s cute. Because we’re family. His drool is my drool!

I love being an aunt.



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