A Weekend In Hertford | NaBloPoMo Day 12


Rain is something we are very accustomed to in Ireland, so I don’t understand that when it does start pouring out of the heavens, we act as if we’ve never seen drops of water fall out of the sky before!  Storm Abigail has graced us with her presence (howiya Abby), and to take my mind of the fact that she is playing havoc on my hair as soon as I venture outdoors, I find my mind wandering to happier times. Drier times. Less windy times.

2015-09-12 12.08.04

In September I visited Hertford in England, where one of my best friends is living. I fell head over heels in love with this English town. We were lucky as the weather was fantastic while we were there, but I can only assume it is just as cute & pleasant in the rain as it is in the sun.

Take a glance back up to the first photo in this post. To the right of the picture you catch a glimpse (albeit a very small glimpse) of a canal boat. This boat is essentially a bus that transports people to the neighbouring town. A bus boat! Adorable, and resourceful!



We went for a walk around the grounds of Hertford Castle, and discovered a tree that screamed SIT ON ME! I shared a video on instagram of the ‘behind the scenes’ to get this photo. Let’s just say, it took a lot effort, and two people, to get me into this sitting position! I had an incredibly rational fear of ripping my tights, and we were on our way to have afternoon tea so I couldn’t have anything go wrong. Ripped tights at afternoon tea is hardly a very classy look!

2015-09-12 13.05.41

The name of the farm we had afternoon tea at escapes me, but it was absolutely delightful! We indulged in a glass of bubbly as we were on our holiers 🙂

2015-09-12 16.53.54

After afternoon tea we found ourselves a pub (we’re Irish – quelle surprise!) and played scrabble. I came second. I should have won but let’s be honest, my letters were atrocious. The person who won definitely cheated… 😉

2015-09-13 15.59.24

2015-09-13 15.56.52

2015-09-12 23.27.37

And then we went out!! It was a very busy Saturday! This elderflower gin-jito was quite possibly the highlight of the entire weekend.

And there you have a quick summary of my weekend in Hertford in September. Quick because I have exactly 5 minutes left to post before day 12 turns into day 13!

I still haven’t learned the art of prewriting & scheduling posts *sigh*. I may do an Anne Frank on it and come back to edit this post at a later date. Memories are important, and this weekend was full of special moments.



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