Momentary Memory | NaBloPoMo Day 9

2015-09-26 17.31.08

Today I was asked to choose my favourite social network. That’s easy, I replied, it’s Instagram.

Not Facebook, where my feed is full of news stories & funny videos that have no relevance to keeping connected with my friends.

Not Twitter, where I can lazily keep up with every tv show without even having to watch it.

Not even my beloved snapchat, where I share my hundredth coffee of the day with my lovely friends whom I’m sure are simply enthralled & can’t wait for coffee pic 101!

No, it’s Instagram.

Why? Because it allows me to capture a specific moment in time, and save it forever. It’s my memory portal. A photograph can conjure up a feeling or invoke an emotive memory almost immediately.

This specific photo is a reminder why serendipity is still my favourite word. A happy accident. To you it may just be a stained glass window, but to me, this photo is full of nervous energy, excitement and imagination. It’s a reminder that it’s healthy to step out of your comfort zone. It’s a reminder that beauty is all around us, not just in front of us. It’s a reminder to keep an open mind, because you never know what might be just around the corner.

It’s also comforting to know that even though you’re sharing a personal moment on social media, not everyone will know the full story behind it. I’m privately public like that 😉

Small moments of reflection are important so we don’t forget the moments that shape us and make us smile.

What’s your favourite social network?



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3 thoughts on “Momentary Memory | NaBloPoMo Day 9

  1. I’m a newcomer to Instagram and I really like it but I don’t use it as much as I would like to because I’m not sure about their privacy and I don’t want to be sharing pictures of my grandchildren with strangers. My daughter would kill me if I did that!

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