What A Difference A Year Makes | NaBloPoMo Day 4

This day last year I wrote a post aptly named ‘10 Things I Miss About This Time Last Year‘. To a stranger this post may read as nostalgic, but to the writer it’s purpose wasn’t to remember, but more to forget. I was living in the past & attempting to blind myself from my circumstances at the time.

Re-reading this post a year on, a couple of things have struck me.

Firstly, I apparently cannot count to 10 as there are 11 items on my list (number 7 made an appearance twice!)

Secondly, I’ve realised that many of the things I was missing in my life last year, have in fact swiftly returned simply because I’ve altered my perspective.

Thirdly, I appear to enjoy self-reflection as of late, so bare with me as I look back and see how things have changed in 365 days – you’ll have to read last year’s post to compare & contrast.

This Day Last Year I Missed…

1…Living in Utrecht. I won’t deny that I still miss Utrecht, but I have been back a couple of times since this day last year. I am still magically drawn to the city, but I am deliriously happy having returned to Cork since September. There is something equally magical, warm & familiar about Cork. It feels like home.

2…The University of Utrecht Library (Drift). It’s not the physical library that I was missing (although admittedly she is gorgeous!). I missed the academic environment, and strangely enough, the stress of projects & assignments. I missed being constantly busy, and the occasional rant about not having enough time in the day! Now I have an amazing work-life balance. I work until 5pm and then do things like yoga classes, business French prep courses & potential piano lessons in the evenings. Let’s not forget my favourite productive activities of drinking coffee & wine with friends!

3…Cycling everywhere. I now live on a pretty steep hill, so even if I had a bicycle right now, I probably wouldn’t use it very often. I have rediscovered my love of walking though – and much to my friends’ dismay, a particular love of walking/running at night. I believe the precise term that my friend Tay used yesterday was that it’s a little bit ‘rapey’!?! Unsafe, maybe, but I’m feeling invincible at the moment!

2015-10-10 17.21.24

4…The Dom Tower during the day. As soon as I find the equivalent to the Dom Tower in Cork, I’ll let you know. Then again, you don’t ever get to stroll along Pier Road in Kinsale with a belly full of prosecco at 12noon on a Saturday afternoon in Utrecht…!!

5…Thinking I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still miss this! But I’ve been making strides in this department with the help of someone who knows exactly where he wants to be – so thankfully, I have a bit of guidance as of late.

2015-10-02 21.06.14

6…Dining ‘op terras’. Funny thing I’ve learned lately – you can still dine outside even if you live in Ireland! There are plenty of restaurants & cafés with outdoor heaters; some even offer you blankets. How very continental European of us!! Side note: I brought my own blanket on the occasion pictured!

2015-10-22 21.32.14

7…Dates at museums and cafés. Apparently not just a Dutch thing. This picture was taken on a date. In Cork. With an Irish guy. And it was his idea. I am not even joking! Culture & coffee in Cork does not disappoint  ❤

7…The Dom Tower at night. See what I mean about not being able to count to 10!! Refer back to point 4.

8…My international group of friends. The best thing about being back home is allowing myself to catch up with my friends in Cork. The great thing about having such a close knit group of international friends, is that I have a host in many wonderful cities & countries around the world!

9…Saturday dinners with Teddy. I will never forget arguing over what time to go for dinner with one of my favourite Frenchies. The earlier the better for me, the later the better for him. Now I’m choosing a different restaurant every weekend with someone else. Making memories around food & wine – is there anything better?!

2015-10-03 11.17.26

10…the magical feeling of belonging. Utrecht will always be my spiritual home. But for now, Cork is where my heart is, and for the first time in a long time, I don’t want to be anywhere else.



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