The Creative Blogger Award

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down with…

No? Not feeling it? Ok!

My blog has been lacking the love it desperately craves and deserves. Time and inspiration are not my baes. Am I using that term correctly?! It turns out as soon as you hit your ‘mid-twenties’ you immediately lose touch with the youth of today.

Anyway the wonderfully witty Jane from Cupids or Cats has obviously been in cohorts with Little Miss Blog (yes, I am referring to my blog as a person right now), and through the interwebs has sent me subtle hint to up my blogging game. She has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you Jane (if that is in fact your real name….). If you haven’t come across Jane yet, and if you appreciate a love of cats, awkward coolness and self-depreciative humour as much as I do, you need to pop on over to Cupids or Cats. Like, right now. You gone yet? Don’t forget to come back….


With every good tag, comes a set of rules

√ Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blog
√ Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
√ Share five facts about yourself to your reader
√ Pass these rules on to them
√ Bake Jane a cake (I’m leaving this in because I think Jane deserves all the cake!)

Five Facts About Me

1. I always know if there is a camera pointing in my direction. I have this built-in ability to turn on and off my smile like a light switch. I can go from Kim Kardashian Kry-Face to Ridiculously Photogenic Guy in .0001 seconds. I can strike a pose and vogue like nobody’s business. And yes, I admit, I am partial to the odd selfie. I promise not subject you to a narcissistic, self-taken, angled, front-camera facing photograph of me. With great lighting. Yet.

There were far too many I’s in this paragraph.


2. Everyone has a TV show they watch that none of their friends seem to understand your obsession with. Nashville is mine . OBSESSED can’t even begin to my love of this show. I am far too deeply  involved with all the characters, and I have invested too many of my emotions into it to function in real-life. RAYNA & DEACON ❤ GAH! FINALLY! I have my theories on how this whole cancer thing is going to turn out… does anyone else want to indulge me and share theirs?! #NashvilleAddictsAnnonymous


3. I am passionate about languages, and not necessarily the most useful/well loved languages in the world. I am FIERCELY proud of being Irish and as a nation I feel like we should be bródúil as ár dteanga dúchais, ár n-oidhreacht agus ár gcultúr [proud of our native language, our heritage and our culture]! 

In case you’re wondering, the picture above depicts one of the most useful phrases in the Irish language – I love cake. Every Irish person loves cake. I refer you to the rules of this award. Cake. Yum. Is maith liom cáca milis. All day. Errr’y day!

2014-09-18 14.30.14

4. My favourite place in the world is Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is my spiritual home. This is the Oudegracht, the main canal that runs through the city. Utrecht is a smaller, prettier, less touristy version of Amsterdam and is a MUST SEE if you ever visit the Netherlands. I will live there again one day. Mark my words!


5. Pride & Prejudice is my favourite novel. Thankfully my love of this book is shared by one of my best friends. She understands. So much so that when we saw a copy of this Jane Austen classic on a bedside table of a property we were viewing to rent, we signed the lease immediately. We shared a look. We had a moment. There were fireworks.

The book did not come with the house.

We were subsequently kicked out of said house as our landlady was a psycho.

If only I was making this up. *sigh*

And now for my nominees – the bloggers I want to know 5 random facts about are… *drumroll please*

The Letter M


Life Full of Jules

Travel Morgan Travel

Ben’s Bitter Blog

What Sass Says

Witty ‘n’ Pretty

Polished Couture

Sophie Rose Blogs

Pocket Full Of Happy

Tay’s Bucket List

Maria Victoria Smith

Congratulations guys!

Don’t forget to check out all the blogs I’ve tagged. There’s something there for everyone – humour, travel, lifestyle, food, motivation, languages, beauty. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



12 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award

  1. I’m honoured! Thank you so much 😀 Also, YES NASHVILLE OHMYGOODNESS IM ADDICTED! So do I bake you a cake, or does all caca milis go to Jane? 😉

  2. ha, was writing “love this” and it randomly posted! Thanks for accepting 🙂 I do love your facts. And thanks for the extra cake.
    I also love Nashville!

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