The Tayto Sambo – An Irish Delicacy

It’s Paddy’s DAY!!

Yes, that’s right..Paddy’s Day.

Not Patty’s Day.


I’ll let Dublin Airport explain this before I get too emotionally involved…

St Patrick’s Day is where the Irish celebrate their heritage, and so does the rest of the world. As most of my readers are from outside of Ireland, I thought I would share an Irish delicacy with you all to try today – The Tayto Sambo



Sambo = Sandwich!

And what are Taytos, I hear you cry, and why are they such a staple in an Irish person’s diet?!

Taytos are the KING of Irish potato chips. Figuratively speaking of course, as King Crisps are technically the king of Irish potato chips. If you’re Irish you will have a favourite brand – Tayto or King – and will spend hours debating over which one is better. It’s like Team Jacob V Team Edward all over again but way more delicious and much more important.

I like my Tatyo Sambo simply with a little bit of butter. I had a friend in college who liked hers with ham. My cousin has his with ketchup (he eats EVERYTHING with ketchup!). There is no right or wrong way to eat the Tatyo Sambo. You just gotta do you. We’re all going to judge your taste buds anyway!


Source: Yahoo!

Such is the demand for the humble potato chip sandwich that a ‘Crisp Sandwich’ shop was opened at the start of the year in Belfast and sold out within two hours of opening. Tayto Cheese & Onion were the most popular filling – no surprises there! Don’t believe me? Read all about it right here! Not wanting to feel left out, Dublin also opened a pop-up Tayto Sandwich Shop earlier this month which did very well by all accounts.


Source: Skibbereen Eagle


If you do anything this Patrick’s Day, get yourself a packet of Cheese & Onion Crisps (we say packet of crisps, you probably say bag of chips – potato, potAto!), preferably Tayto, but not everyone has the luck of the Irish on Paddy’s Day!

You too can eat like the Irish on St Patrick’s Day in four short steps:

1) With a knife, take a little butter (preferably the real Irish creamery kind) and spread it over your bread of choice. I like a good crispy bread roll, but regular sliced pan will also do.

2) Spread the crisps evenly over the bread. If you don’t have Tayto Cheese & Onion don’t worry. It’s all about personal preference.

3) Close the sambo (sandwich) and press down or crush with all your weight depending on how crushed and secure you want those crisps to be. You don’t want to be finding pieces of Tayto goodness down your top a few hours later… or maybe you do.

4) Bí ag ithe – Start munching!

If you do try the Tayto Sambo tweet me a pic at @CharSpillane or tag me on instagram, also @CharSpillane.




Every time an American call’s it St Patty’s Day, a leprechaun dies. If you don’t already know, leprechaun’s are a very rare breed and are almost at extinction due to the large amount of people who constantly refer to our Patron Saint by a woman’s name. So SAVE THE LEPRECHAUNS and say St Paddy’s Day today and always!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh Go Léir 🙂

and may the luck of the Irish be with you – we’ll share, there’s enough to go round today!




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