My Mum Is Better Than Your Mum *

2015-03-15 14.35.23

*Not really – I bet your Mum is at least 60% as amazing as mine!

How does one pay homage to the strongest, most beautiful and inspiring woman on the planet? By finding out what her 11-year-old daughter thought about her, that’s how.

My Super-Mum is the woman who tucked me into bed at night, who put up with my mood swings at thirteen, and who still does. She lets me bore her with stories that she has no interest in but never shows it. My Super-Mum taught me how to never give up, how to tie my shoe-laces, and how frozen wine makes great ice-cubes. My Super-Mum is still the easiest person to talk to, and fifteen years later, we now take each other on holidays. She is my best friend, and I haven’t changed my mind, I would be lucky if I turn out to be just like her when I grow-up.

Minus the mullet. We’ll leave that look in 1988 where it belongs.

2015-03-15 10.12.58

Happy Mother’s Day Mum. I love you always and forever.



P.S My godmother is still extremely kind & beautiful, and while the jokes have gotten dirtier over the years, her husband is still one of the funniest people I know. 11-year-old Char was a great judge of character!




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