Seven Smiles Sunday

In case you haven’t heard, life has been a little bit monotonous for me lately. I feel like I’m spending a little more energy than usual trying to find my spark of sunshine that I carry around with me everywhere! So taking inspiration from the 100 Happy Days Challenge, I have come up with my very own challenge to remind me that every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

Seven Smiles Sunday

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Every week I’m going to remind myself of the little moments by recapping them. There are seven days in the week. There must be at LEAST seven smile inducing moments in those 168 hours!

Week One. Let’s go.

2015-03-01 14.53.45

1) The moment when you crave an overpriced coffee…

So my brother and I jumped in the car to grab an americano and hot chocolate from our local Starbucks. ‘Local’ being a 45 minute drive away…

We live in very rural Ireland. The struggle is real!

We were singing along to the radio on the way there, and I was happily caffeinated on the way back home. We spent about 15 times longer driving to and from our destination than we spent in the cafe itself, but that didn’t bother us. We had each other.

And I finally had my overpriced black coffee.

Random coffee runs are the best


2015-03-03 08.50.57

2)  Unexpected Snow Smiles

Whenever it snows in Ireland the entire country comes to a standstill. Thankfully we only got a sprinkling this week – enough for one of my brother’s to draw HAPPY FACES on my car! SMILES ALL AROUND!

Bonus smiles because I didn’t need to use the ice scraper that morning – no cold hands and numb fingers for me



3) That friend who goes above and beyond to remind you who you really are from half way across the world…

Emails. Long emails. Well thought out and time-consuming-to -write emails. Motivating and inspiring emails. Unexpected emails. Food-for-thought emails. Words chosen to empower and celebrate little old me. Words that made me cry. Words that made me feel. Words that I have printed and are now hanging beside my bathroom mirror so I can read them every day! That friend who gentle nudges you in the right direction, who doesn’t make sweeping statements or demands, but reminds you that YOU GOT THIS, and that not figuring it out is still figuring it out in someway or another!


2015-02-28 15.48.57

4) Helping your mum spring clean her make-up collection…

… and ending up with all her unopened treasure.

“Is this too young for me?”

Yes. Now give it to me!

Estée Lauder lipsticks for everyone!



5) Finally plucking up the courage to ask for time off work…

… and my manager said YES! I don’t know what I was so worried about – the worst he could have said was no. Therefore shattering all hopes and dreams of what could-have-been, leaving me asking myself if only I had asked for the time off earlier… but never mind that. That did not happen because I GOT THE TIME OFF!

I shall be in Amsterdam for Koningsdag (Kings Day), which is basically the Dutch version of our St Patrick’s Day but way crazier. Their national holiday is the celebration of the King’s birthday which may sound a little strange to countries with no Royal Family, but when you really think about it….

Normal: Celebrating someone’s birthday
Abnormal: Celebrating an old man who may or may not have allegedly chased all the snakes out of Ireland..

Oh I can’t wait for the oranjegekte!


2015-03-07 20.27.06

6) Clicking send on that application for the perfect PhD…

You know when you spend so long thinking about something but never actually doing it. That is the story of my life. #GeminiAndProud! So taking this step and actually applying for a PhD was HUGE. I probably won’t even get shortlisted for it, but that doesn’t matter. The fact that I did it made me feel all the smiles!

Once a nerd, always a nerd!


2015-03-07 16.24.55

7) Buying fresh flowers

A gentle reminder that spring is here. New beginnings. New life. New pretty things to decorate my windowsills with.

Buying flowers for my own space makes me feel like the adult that I pretend to be. Even if I did have to put them in a pint glass. You can take the girl out of college, but you can’t take college out of the girl. That student-life yo’.



If you want to join me with Seven Sunday Smiles, please do!

What made you smile this week?





9 thoughts on “Seven Smiles Sunday

  1. Such a lovely idea, I’ll definitely be joining in if I think of it.

    The makeup made me insanely jealous though. My mom has never, ever, worn makeup so there’d be no chance of me getting her castoffs!


    • Thanks Collette! My mum doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but she tends to collect and hoard it for some reason haha.
      I’d love it if you joined in next week – I like seeing the little moments during the week that make people smile! X

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