What I Ate Christmas Day (as a Vegetarian)

Disclaimer: This is a requested post. I am not trying to change people’s beliefs of lifestyle. Just because I choose to be a vegetarian does not mean that I condemn people who choose to eat meat. Everything in this world is a choice. I choose to eat a plant-based diet because I personally enjoy it and I feel better for it. I am also not apposed to people enjoying turkey & ham around me on Christmas Day. As Marie Antoinette said (sort of…): Let them eat cake, it’s Christmas!  

Yesterday marked my 2nd Christmas Day as a vegetarian. It still comes as a shock to people to hear that I don’t eat meat. Maybe it’s an Irish thing that we think a meal is not complete without a meat or fish component? Around this time of the year I’ve become accustomed to hearing, ‘So you don’t eat meat… what are you going to eat Christmas day?’ As if all the delicious vegetables and vegetarian friendly food in the world is suddenly going to vanish and leave me with no choice but to turn carnivorous again hahaha!! Even my brother was trying to get me to ‘just for one day have a taste of the ham’ as according to him I was ‘missing out’ 😉

Christmas morning started later than usual at about 9.30am. The tradition in our house is to enjoy a bottle of champagne with some smoked salmon on brown bread as we all open our Santa presents. I happily sipped on champagne but this year swapped the smoked salmon for chunks for fresh pineapple instead. I quickly moved onto chocolate until dinner time. Another Christmas tradition is to eat my body weight in chocolate, and I think I did quite well!

2014-12-25 19.25.54

2014-12-25 19.27.32

2014-12-25 19.30.33

2014-12-25 19.28.17

2014-12-25 19.29.03

Mum seriously outdid herself in the food stakes this year. I felt a little awkward as she had to cook me something different, but in the end my dinner took a fraction of the time to make then the rest did (reasons to be vegetarian – quick dinners. Get in my belly!) There was only five of us sitting around our fourteen seater dining room table but we still managed to make it look gezellig. For starter my Mum made the same thing for everyone – goats cheese (or brie) & watermelon, on a bed of spinach with hazelnuts and balsamic reduction. Then for my main course, when everyone was tucking into the turkey and ham, I opted for stuffed portobello mushrooms, a LOT of mashed potato, carrots and lashings of cranberry sauce. If I could have had it my way, I would have eaten mash & cranberry sauce and been very very happy! Of course there were roast potatoes, brussels, parsnips and gravy on offer, but I’m not a fan of any of them. After our feast we had a choice between christmas pudding or sticky toffee pudding, but I could not fit anything else in so I went without and played card games with my brothers instead!

Did you eat anything unusual or less-than-traditional for your Christmas lunch/dinner?





2 thoughts on “What I Ate Christmas Day (as a Vegetarian)

  1. I still remember becoming vegetarian at the tender age of seven. Twenty two years later and people’s attitudes to vegetarians/vegans have changed and are continuing to change. We’re no longer shaming the family at dinnertime! I will however always remember your mum trying to convince me that the cocktail sausages she made were special vegetarian sausages and my own mother mixing chicken in with my mashed potatoes. To this day I’m still over cautious when eating with family 😒

    • Haha oh dear – I say my mum would be pretty mortified at that now! Especially as she was 90% vegetarian for the bones of 2 years herself (and forced it upon Shauna and I at home as teenagers – we did not like not making our own choices as you can imagine!)
      I am very cautious while eating with family also – and a lot of my friends who think vegetarian means I still eat chicken and fish hahaha. Sigh! X

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