Merry Christmas Everyone

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It’s Christmas Eve! Where have the last couple of weeks gone?! I’m so thankful that I never committed to blogmas this year because as we all know, December was a quiet month on the blogging front. I thought there may be a couple of people out there who missed my ramblings, hence the giant photo of my face above 🙂 How festive am I with my ‘jingle bell’ earrings and red ribbon in my hair – la dee dah!

This is just a quick post to let you know I haven’t disappeared completely, I just took an impromptu break. In my absence from the blogsphere these things happened:

See ya later dark roots!! Can't wait to meet you new pretty hair 💜💇☕️ #hairdressers #blonde #petermarks

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– I finally got my hair did – I stayed blonde!

– Tried to make Taaitaai, and failed miserably.

– My mum had a fall so I had to do a lot of the things she would usually do for a few days as she recuperated- my little brothers were not too happy about this. “Stop acting like our mother, Char” was shouted at me a lot. Sad face.

– But then I got a care package from Théa filled with a few of her favourite things (does anyone else love Julie Andrews by the way?!) including a small Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle! This scent is DEVINE, I need to get myself a large one asap as I have been burning this baby since I got it!

-O’G3NE won the Voice of Holland (very happy about this!)

– I became obsessed with listening to Magic by O’G3NE and Up by Olly Murs & Demi Lovato.

Great night in with @rachelryan88! @this_is_dave_n you must come visit next Christmas!!!!!!! #bffs #christmas #wine

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– Saw my best friend in the first time in months, so wine happened!

– I booked flights to the South of France for a family wedding in June, and decided to make a mini holiday out of it (Yay for things to look forward to!)

First G&T of many! No work till next Monday! Here's to the festivities… CHEERS! #christmas #happyholidays #festive #happy

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– And I finished work yesterday until Monday the 29th, so naturally a well deserved gin and tonic happened while watching Christmas movies.

Don’t forget to go to bed early tonight – Santa isn’t allowed into the airspace over your country until every child (big and small!) are fast asleep.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.





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