Christmas Candles

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I didn’t think I would post today, but seeing as practically every blog I follow is embracing the Countdown to Christmas today, I thought I might as well get in on the act. Day 31 – this is definitely a record for me!! Now I’m not saying I’m doing Blogmas this year, but December is upon us so I am officially allowed to embrace Christmas with all of my festive might! I spent the day in Cork catching up with a friend. After a Toffee Nut Latte in Starbucks, a stroll through Mahon Point admiring the decorations, and stuffing our faces in Nandos, we popped across the road to Homestore and More. For those of you not in the know, you can get anything and everything ‘homey’ that your heart desires here; from cookie cutters to placemats, bedlinen to lampshades, crockery to Christmas lights. I could spend hours on end in this store if I had the time, and the money – who else is at that stage of their life where they would prefer to spend their money on pretty furnishings for their home rather than buying those new to-die-for heels?!

The best thing about Homestore and More is it’s vast selection of candles, or more specifically, Yankee Candles. I am obsessed. Vanilla Cupcake is my go to scent for years. All the Christmas candles are half price at the moment, so I spent quite a while sniff-testing them all. I have to say, I was very disappointed with the majority of the Christmas scents – Home Sweet Home and White Christmas smelt like really cheap air fresheners to me. They reminded me of my grandparents’ bathroom of all things!! If you like fresher smelling scents, than these would be perfect for you, but I’m more drawn to warm, vanilla, spiced scents so I ended up purchasing a large Hollyberry for half price at €13.25. What a steal! The dark berry & clove scent makes me feel like its Christmas Eve already!! I’m annoyed that I didn’t pick up a couple more when I had the chance – Snowflake Cookie is next on my list – it’s like icing, so sugary sweet but delicious! Oh and Cinnamon Stick, because who doesn’t want their house smelling like you just took some festive treats out of the oven! I also picked up a Midnight Jasmine Ultimate Car Jar for €4.99 to keep my car smelling as delicious as my house does 🙂

Question Time:
What is your favourite candle to burn during the festive season?





4 thoughts on “Christmas Candles

  1. My favourite winter candle is “Sparkling Icicles” or “Winter Candy Apple” from Bath and Body Works, or “vanilla bean” by Woodwick. I am crazy and when BBW has their 75% off sale boxing week I stock up so much on candles and soap I don’t need to repurchase until the following boxing week….. I have also been on a huge (sugar free) Peppermint (lactose free) Hot Chocolate (no whip, xhot) from Starbucks lately. But the Toffee nut sounds delicious!!!!!

  2. I am definitely guilty of buying home stuff over a pretty pair of heels 😦 I hear ya!

    Have you smelt Christmas Cookie? Out of everyone I’ve managed to get to sniff it, only me and my Dad like it – it’s insanely sweet!! Not my favourite for this time of year – it’s definitely Cinnamon Stick mmmm.

    P.s, don’t do blogmas, do vlogmas 😉

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