It was touch and go there for a while if I would actually post today, but seeing as I narrowly missed out on 30 days last year I didn’t want to let a silly thing like a migraine get the better of me! I have no ‘this day last year’ link to post today, but I can remember vividly the experiences that presented themselves. So as I sit here in the dark with the light of my Macbook turned all the way down and feeling a little bit sorry for myself, I am reminded what I learned last year. Or more specifically how I felt.

Last year I posted for 29 out of 30 days. You would think that ‘failing’ the challenge on the very last day would be incredibly frustrating. That sounds about right. Pledging to do something for a specific amount of time comes with immense responsibility and pressure. However, it was rather freeing experience knowing that I missed the final day because I was living in the moment and making memories. The contrast of my life in November this year versus last year is huge. That’s a good thing. Change is growth. I’ve felt that my life was lacking adventure lately, it turns out a lot of my friends are going through the same thing – even though their lives seem so exciting to me! There is great solace in knowing people are going through the same mundane and monotonous voyage as you!

For everyone who took part in NaBloPoMo, give yourselves a huge pat on the back. 30 consecutive days of blogging is no easy feat. We did it!!!

Blogmas anyone?! 😉





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