Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Blonde or Brunette?

We all have our problems, mine just happens to be a little shallower and more superficial than other’s right now. Every year and a half, I go through what I can only describe as a hair identity crisis. You see, I love being blonde. Then I discover I love being brunette. Until I realise how much more fun blondes have, and all of a sudden another year and a half passes, and here I am toying with the idea of dark locks again! #firstworldproblems

My hair is in desperate need of some immediate TLC. Not only do I have lovely dark roots showing (the not-so-trendy kind!), but it is drier than the mouth of a teenager the morning after his first night of excessive binge drinking  – it feels, and looks, absolutely terrible! I’ve never gone so long without a trip to the hairdressers. It’s been almost 4 months! My dilemma is that my stylist is on maternity leave, and I really don’t like anyone else colouring, cutting, or touching my hair in general! That being said, enough is enough. I’m making the executive decision to make a hair appointment with anyone someone for next week. I’m just not too sure what I want to get done. I’ve just hit that 1.5 year mark since I took to the peroxide again.

So it’s time to vote. Should I……

….Stay Blonde?




…..go back brunette?




…..or should I just find a happy medium between the two?



Get your votes in and HELP ME! If it helps, all of the above photos were taken in the last two years and 4 months! Blonde, brunette or a bit of both?! Answers on a postcard please, or, you know, in the comments below!

On a completely unrelated not – it’s the second last day of NaBloPoMo – also known as the day before I failed last year! Will I make 30 days of blogging tomorrow? Only time will tell!



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21 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Blonde or Brunette?

    • Thanks Carla. I think that’s what I’ll probably end up doing… but I’m torn. I do the backwards thing of going dark during the summer, and blonde for winter! Such a first world problem. I should have never started experimenting with my hair in the first place haha 🙂

      • Have you considered some warmer blonds maybe even some copper or gold tones? I think a combination of high and low lights will work well for that happy medium on colour! Just make sure your hairdresser doesn’t leave you looking like a zebra 😉

  1. So judging on the photos I think a lighter hair color suits you better. 🙂 Don’t take this the wrong way but I think it somehow makes you look younger and it think it suits your complexion more but maybe I’m just biased because I’m a blonde. 😄 Why don’t you try going for a more natural medium toned blonde kind of like Taylor Swifts hair color? Good luck with your decision 🙂

    • Thanks Sophie – you sound just like my Mum, and that’s a good thing haha! I’m going to make my appointment tomorrow so hopefully by the end of next I’ll have luscious locks again. I do love being blonde – I think I’m just looking for a change 😛

  2. Wow you look like a different person with dark hair (in a good way!)! If you are feeling like a change then go for it! Sometimes it’s nice to change things up. I wish I was able to go dark the way you can, but my complexion is way too pale for that!

  3. Oh this is really hard! You look gorgeous with both… people do say darker for winter? Or you could try an ombre affect, have it dark on top and blonde at the bottom… that might look really nice!! I was thinking of doing something like that but I don’t know if i would be too scared to actually go for the dark shade ontop! Excited to see what you decide to do!
    Love Sass x

  4. I used to be bleach blonde, then a darker blonde and finally brunette. Blonde is really high maintenance but it really suits you! I wish it suited me because it’s very striking, but I couldn’t quite pull it off. It’s lovely on you though, you should stay blonde or even a darker blonde. Lovely 🙂

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