Rediscover the Familiar

2014-11-14 22.02.37

It’s day 14 of NaBloPoMo, where every day of November I publish a blog post of some sort. We’re almost half way there! Each day I look back on my posts on this day last year, and I can’t help but feel that last year’s posts were so much more interesting, even if they did not contain much substance. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia talking. Last year I blogged about my daily adventures. My blog was my place to document my life living abroad. I would venture out into the unknown during the day, and then write and publish my thoughts that night. This year I’m a little more organised. I try to write a post at least the night before and schedule it to be published in the morning. I knew that wasn’t going to happen last night, hence the late post today. The lack of inspiration was overwhelming. Is my life really this boring right now?

In actual fact, my life is just the same as it was last year. The only reason my life feels boring right now is because it’s familiar. I’m no longer in exotic surroundings, with a strange language being spoken around me and a new culture to appreciate. So this morning I made a promise to myself – I’m going to appreciate my life a little more for what it is. Time to open my eyes and reacquaint myself with my country from a new perspective. Starting tomorrow.

Who’s up for sharing some the little treasures of their country with me as I set out to rediscover mine?



This Day Last Year: 14th November 2013 – Caffeine: The Real Vitamin C!



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