My Simple Happiness | Friday Favourites

Yesterday I joined in on #IrishBlogHour on Twitter for the first time, and I was introduced to some great new Irish blogs to get my teeth into. Now my plan is to stalk each and every one of them as my morning reading over the weekend, but one particular post that caught my eye already was How To Achieve Simple Happiness over at Cupid or Cats. Seeing that today is a Friday Favourites, I thought why not write about how I achieve simple happiness lately. So here’s my not so concise list of what happiness is to me


Reading in bed on a Sunday morning with a mug of tea.

Listening to my favourite classical music through headphones.

Maria’s blog My Netherlands…

Hugs. From anyone.

Actually spending time on my hair.

2 Broke Girls. Hilarious.

Teaching my little brothers French.

Wildly dancing in the kitchen.

Reminiscing about last year in the Netherlands.

Creating healthy vegetarian snacks.

Take away coffee while driving to work.

Making my bed every morning.

Sitting in a room by candlelight. Gezellig!

Having individual one-on-one conversations with my brothers

Watching classic Disney movies, and singing along to every song.

Wearing a hat on cold days.

Smiling at random people.

Anything Jane Austen.

Planning my blogs and not waiting until nearly midnight to post them 😛
I honestly forgot all about posting today as I was working on a couple of projects that I have coming up. However, there’s still 5 minutes left of Friday so it still counts!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!



This Day Last Year – 7th November 2013 – Sharing Moments, Collecting Memories



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