Office Life – Happy Friday Eve :)


Almost two weeks down in my new job and all is going well. I seem to have grasped the computer systems, and navigated the inner workings of my new organisation. Although the phone extensions still baffle me, and I have discovered that I have a severe case of slow-computer-rage!! I’m learning lots, and I’m having fun. It’s easy to have fun when everything is all shiny and new… everything except my wonderful computer that is, but we’re working on that!! I’ve never worked full time in an office before. It is so different to what I was used to. Not better. Just different.

Some of my favourite differences are:
Having set working hours
Being able to make plans for the weekend
Office banter
Actually getting a lunch break
There’s always tea and cake when it’s someone’s birthday (priorities!!)
Having every evening off
The air conditioning wars
Being asked for my monthly stationary order

Ah office life, I know we are still in the honeymoon phase, but I’m liking you so far.



This Day Last Year – 6th November 2013 – Day Just… Just About!!!



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