What Should We Do in Amsterdam?

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This morning I decided to do a clean up behind-the-scenes of my blog. I have a habit of jotting down ideas and developing a written skeleton for posts but then forget about them until months later; so I was pleasantly surprised that the number of unfinished drafts of posts were few. Only 6 in total! However, I had a quite a number of posts that I had written & edited with the intent of returning to and publishing later. Unfortunately, I never quite got around to it and that perfect publishing window has since closed. Two of these posts I had written back in February – one was titled Homesick; the other was Gezellig – I’ll give you one guess what these related to! Six months ago I was pining for a place that wasn’t even my ‘home’ to begin with. I was already planning on returning to the Netherlands and now I’m finally doing it, albeit with no real plan at all!

This time next week I shall be in Amsterdam, probably devouring een broodje kaas along a canal somewhere. So far my ‘moving prep’ isn’t going very well. In fact, it hasn’t even started. There are far more pressing matters to be concerned about such as delightfully embracing my new found unemployment! The past week has been a blur of coffee, breakfast dates, reading, brunches and general laziness but now it’s time to get serious. Not looking for a job serious or find place to live serious. No, my plan for the day is drawing up a fun filled itinerary for my first 4 days in the Netherlands. As it will be my Mum’s first time in Amsterdam I want to showcase the city (and also Utrecht) in the best possible light.

So I am asking every expat, every tourist and every resident of Amsterdam that reads this to give us THEIR Amsterdam! I want to hear about the little things that make you fall in love with the city time and time again, plus any insider tips and tricks for us!

What is your favourite thing about Amsterdam?
What are the ‘must sees’ of the city?
And most importantly, where are the best places to eat?

7 days!




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