The Countdown Has Begun!


There comes a point where it is socially acceptable to start getting excited about something. The exact point, however, is extremely vague and entirely personal to each individual. For instance, I think it is perfectly okay to play Christmas music in November (don’t tell me you don’t do it too!!!), but I know the masses would outwardly cringe at the thought of Mariah Carey crooning All I Want For Christmas before December 1st! Growing up, I always marked my mum’s birthday as the beginning of the countdown to mine. Exactly one month – a perfectly acceptable amount of time! The countdown to school or college starting back was always 2 weeks before. The countdown to a special event or birthday party was (and still is!) one week.

The perfect time to start counting down to moving to the Netherlands? RIGHT NOW! 

In 28 days I’ll be in Amsterdam and I could not be more excited about it. I’m even more excited than last year because I know what to expect and this time, I get to show my lovely mother around the country I consider my second home!! There is still no organisation to my Big Move; I’ll think about everything properly once I finish work in 2 weeks. But for now I’m content with listening to Dutch radio and teaching myself a few Dutch words here and there.

Fun fact: The photo above was the first windmill I saw while living in the Netherlands from September to December 2013. I was unsteadily making my way through the unfamiliar streets of Utrecht trying to find an Irish pub (how original) where my friends were stationed for the evening. I came across this windmill, and like the complete tourist that I am, I stopped to take a picture (I was already late – what’s another 3 minutes!) Turns out, the pub was right across the road from this beautiful windmill and the building itself is now a family home.

28 days and counting. I’m EXCITED!




6 thoughts on “The Countdown Has Begun!

  1. How exciting. I myself am moving at the end of august and I am really stressed about it, but I am just moving to the other side of town 😀 I am really looking forward to reading your future posts on the matter. Good luck with organising everything@ 🙂

    • Thanks Lou 🙂 Haha moving anywhere is really exciting and stressful though. We’ll both be fine. I can’t really think about moving properly until I finish work (14 days… not that I’m counting or anything….!)

  2. There is an Irish pub just a 2 minute bike ride from my house. I haven’t been there yet, but it looks like the place to be most evenings 🙂 Maybe once you’re here and settled we can check it out. Enjoy your countdown and time in Ireland while you’re there!!

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