Happy Monday

2014-07-21 09.22.06

Every Monday morning I wake up to find my Facebook and Instagram feeds saturated with dispiriting Monday related posts. You know the one’s I mean..
‘Don’t know if it’s the end of the world this morning, or just Monday…’
‘Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday’
‘Weekend come back!! Please don’t leave me!!’

And lets not forget my absolute favourite Monday meme of the morning…

People seem to really dislike the start of the week. Not me. I love Mondays. Monday symbolises the start of something new. Sure it’s the beginning of a new work/school week, but I’ve always looked at it as if a new challenge was coming my way. I usually feel like I can do anything on Mondays. I’m motivated and ready for whatever the week throws at me.

Of course, I’m not always Monday’s number one fan. No one can have a magical moan-less Monday every week!! But on the rare occasion that I am having a moment of impending doom, I will do my best to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. Don’t really feel like going to college today? Think about how much more knowledgable you will be at the end of the day (and you’ll have less self-study to do for exams!). Dreading a certain task at work? Do it straight away so you won’t have to spend the whole day thinking about it. Just not feeling Monday in general? Get up, stretch, smile and think of everything that you DO like about Mondays. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning. The giggles you have with your colleagues when you should be working. The new episode of that tv show that you love that’s on tonight! Oooohhh Mondays are great, right?!

If you really can’t make your Monday magical, why not try and brighten someone else’s? I’ve been known to randomly go around the office with cake for everyone – no one can resist chocolate cake, trust me! I once left plates of cake around the building with a letter from ‘The Cake Fairy’!  This day last week, I left a couple of treats, accompanied with a colourful note, for my two wonderful housemates to discover when they woke up. Even the smallest act can turn someone’s day around, while boosting your mood in the process – try it and let me know what happens 🙂

So whether you love it or hate it, I wish you all the




11 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Thanks for this post… I have been having a sh**y day so far, and it feels a little like nothing will really brighten it up, but I still have the option of making someone else happy. Which I think I will do now 🙂

    • Ooohhh do it! There is no better feeling than surprising someone, even if it’s just with a compliment. Let me know how you make someone smile today 🙂

      • Just used the brozen banana I had in the freezer to make vegan chocolate chip banana ice cream and then surprised my boyfriend with that when he woke up from his nap 🙂

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