Best Personal Blog Nominee | The Blog Awards Ireland 2014

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I was sitting in the staff canteen at work. Sky News was on the mounted flatscreen with two impeccably groomed news readers casually reporting tragedy after tragedy. It was hot and muggy. The hottest day of the year apparently, and there I was wearing my winter suit and thick black tights. I had a headache. My eyes were tired but I was unable to blink thanks to the delectable power of a quadruple espresso I had just devoured. I was exhausted and I devastatingly couldn’t join in on the TGIF posts that adorned my Facebook feed because, well, I decided to forge a career in hospitality!! The world was literally* against me. Oh hello there world’s smallest violin, that’s a lovely song you are playing just for me….

I was chasing rice around my plate with a fork while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when up popped a post from my cousin Melissa that her blog, The Glen House, was nominated for an Irish blog award. Intrigued, I decided to check out the Long List of nominees for myself as I’m always looking for new blogs that I can explore and relate to – especially Irish ones!

Half way down the page, I suddenly see it. The Adventures of Char Bar (Now, was listed as one of many blogs nominated under the Best Personal Blog category. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Miraculously, my headache lifted and I investigated further, curious to know if a) this was a joke and b) what this Personal Blog lark actually entails. According to Blog Awards Ireland, blogs under the personal category are” about personal opinions, personal experiences, rants, talking about their world as a memoir, reflecting on life etc”

Translation: a miss mash of anything personal to the blogger! Yep, it certainly sounds like my blog could be squeezed somewhere in there 🙂

So I’ve been nominated. What’s next? Well, from what I can gather, all the blogs on the long list shall be assessed by the judging panel using certain criteria (outlined here for all those interested). Those who score highly in each category will be shortlisted  (on August 22nd) and I’m not too sure what happens from there.

But for now, I am thrilled to be ‘long-listed’ (long-listed is a verb right?) and nominated amongst some of my favourite Irish blogs. There is some artistically & linguistically fantastic content out there, which I am delighted (and slightly terrified) to be up against. I am most looking forward to engaging more in the Irish blogging community. Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble discovering Irish bloggers?! I feel like I have been given a platform to help me do so. So with help from the Blog Awards Ireland, I have made my own (very) long list of blogs that I intend on obsessively reading during my upcoming weekend, a.k.a Monday & Tuesday! The joys of hotel work, eh?!

A MASSIVE congratulations to all nominated for Blog Awards Ireland 2014. Good luck to everyone. I’m just happy to be a part of it 🙂



*I literally used the word literally to add a dash of dramatic teenage angst to the moment described. A 26 year old can still be moody and get away with it right? I was having, like, a totes bad day, ok?!


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