Nourishing My Soul


It is so easy to go from day to day accepting the routines we happen to fall into. Technology dominates our existence, and while I adore it and embrace it to the fullest, it is nice to have a break from the constant need to be connected. My days off this week were Wednesday and Thursday. Usually my days off are jam packed with tasks and chores that I haven’t ‘gotten around to yet’. They are my catch up days, for both my housework and my real work! Not this week though. This week I did things that made me smile from the inside out. I fed my soul with happy treats, and in turn my soul rewarded my mind.

On Wednesday I visited Kinsale. I lived in this little coastal town for seven years, and can count on one hand the number of times I have been back since I moved away in May 2012! Like any place and time in life, I have both fond and not-so-fond memories of my time here, however Wednesday was a day to cherish. It was my soul nourishing day.

photo 5

I met several friends. I treated one of them to lunch. She then treated me to coffee. I met another. I went with him to grab a smoothie. We walked along the water having a catch up until we reached the yacht club. He was going sailing. I wasn’t. I decided to take this opportunity to have some me-time. I sat outside a wine-bar overlooking the marina. I stuck my phone on silent and locked it into my bag. I read, sipped on a chilled & crisp pinot grigio and was completely oblivious to the happenings around me.

photo 4

After about an hour and a half, I relocated to the park. I carefully chose a bench as far away from the fully clothed kids splashing in the fountain. I happily basked in the sun, listened to the squeals of delight from children in the playground and continued to read for another hour our so, completely entranced in the enchanting lives of Elphaba and Glinda (If you haven’t read Wicked yet – what in Oz are you waiting for?!). It was complete and utter bliss.

photo 6

I met up with more friends and finally ended my day with two of my favourite indulgences: an Irish cheeseboard and glass of Argentinian malbec. And I enjoyed every last morsel.


 I don’t think I have spent a more personally fulfilling day in such a long time. I even fell asleep laughing! Determined to ensure the rest of my ‘weekend’ was as soul enriching as Wednesday, I wrote down my goals for the following day.

1) Sleep until I wake (obviously….)
2) Have as much coffee as I please
3) Study at least one ‘unit’ of Dutch (however long that may take!)
4) Apply for as many jobs in as many countries as I see fit
5) Eat pasta for dinner because I deserve it!

And that’s exactly what I did. I slept until about 9.30am (which is a super lie-in for me!). I immersed myself in the Dutch language for the morning, listening to Dutch radio while learning more vocabulary. I laughed when I heard the word for ‘a play’ (een toneelstuk) because it sounds like ‘a toenail stuck’. Yes, I am immature and far too easily amused, but I will forever remember this word!

I decided to combine goals 2 and 4 and head to Starbucks for the afternoon. My friend ordered my coffee for me (an grande iced soy caramel macchiato). As is the norm, the barista asked him what name she should put on the coffee, and he replied ‘Difficult!’ Oh how we laughed 🙂 Sorry I’m not sorry that I’m trying to reduce my intake of dairy – especially after all that cheese from yesterday – totally worth it! Like most people who frequent Starbucks, I sat there for hours on my MacBook, crafting CVs and cover letters, and firing them off to companies in Ireland, the Netherlands, France, the UK and Switzerland, and only ordering two coffees in the process!

photo 2

And finally, the moment I had been waiting for all day. I was feeling like Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) and wanted ALL the pasta. Unfortunately, I rarely purchase the stuff as it causes my poor stomach severe pain. My body seems to adore the fantastic invention that is wholegrain rice pasta however, so I whipped up a simple dish with spinach, loads of fresh basil, plum cherry tomatoes and a dash of extra virgin olive oil – food for my soul!

photo 3

And so this brings me to the now, Thursday evening and the eve of my return to work after two glorious days of self fulfilment. I am content & relaxed, lying in bed, listening to Tchaikovsky, feeling whole and nourished. Most of all, I am happy. Happy that I was productive but still took time for me. Happy that I spent time appreciating the things I love instead of wasting it online. Happy that I am happy 🙂

What’s your favourite food for your soul?




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