Where Have I Been?

Hello. Remember me? Blonde, Irish girl who claims this blog as her happy little corner of the internet? So yeah, it’s been a while. What’s that? You’d like to know where I have been for the last 52 days. Well, I’m so glad you asked. In no particular order (and with the help of the photos on my iPhone), I give you my last 1.5 months of adventures!

Ireland was graced with a mini heatwave at the start of June. And by heatwave I mean it reached the balmy heights of 30 degrees Celsius  (86F) in some parts of the country – positively tropical! While most of us pale-skinned, fair haired, freckled faced Irish spent those two glorious weeks building up a glorious lobster-esque sunburn, I spent the majority of these days in doors ag obair (aka working!). However, the time I did get off, I took full advantage of. If you live in Cork, you know that Electric is the place to be in the city when Mr Sun bears his happy head – and that’s where I was most evenings, with a Mojito, Pimms or simply sparkling water in hand.


Even though I didn’t get to see a lot of the sun, it didn’t stop me from getting into the summer spirit while at work. Always looking on the positive side of things and making the most out of every situation!


At the end of May, I got a promotion. I like to think it’s for my impeccable selfie taking skills! If you ever need to find me, I’ll probably be here!

photo 9

On June 12th, I graduated with a First Class Honours Masters Degree. This was towards the end of Ireland’s mini heatwave – and probably THE nicest day of all. We were incredibly blessed with the weather but I was SO happy to give my cap and gown back after the ceremony. My heart goes out to all the graduates who decided to wear black that day!! My cream & gold Ted Baker dress was definitely a good choice – cooling and pretty!


There was a lot of cake in my life over the last 52 days. Back in May, I decorated a chocolate cake before going to my friend’s baby shower.


It was a wonderful evening and extra special as it was the last time I saw her before she moved back to the UK with her hubby! I cannot wait until I’m an auntie.. or surrogate auntie! Baby is due any day now.. 🙂


I received a present of a HUGE chocolate and guinness cake as a thank you from two guests I had looked after in the hotel one weekend. They even handpicked flowers from their garden for me 🙂 Anyway, back to the cake. You have never tasted chocolate cake nicer than this. If you live near Cork City, get yourself down to Fellini Tearoom RIGHT NOW and order a slice of this bad boy. You will not regret it!


Four days after eating my way through the above, I was presented with yet another chocolate cake during my graduation dinner. This time it was chocolate fudge – yummers! Now it may appear that I am a cake fiend, however the funny thing is, I don’t really like cake at all!! However, I do love everything that cakes symbolise – celebrations! This time it wasn’t a thank you cake, but a Congratulations on your graduation plus Happy Birthday cake!


My favourite part was the little book worm. We named him Bobby.


There were 26 candles on the cake, which could only mean one thing. I turned 21 for the 6th time! My birthday was 5 days after my graduation, so my family & I celebrated it while they were in Cork. I love having all my family together. My Dad flew over from the UK and we got to spend 3 days together. The only people that were missing were my two sisters – one who lives in Australia and another who lives in London. They were there in spirit though 🙂


On the eve of my birthday, I wasn’t really feeling it. I didn’t want to be around anyone, so I got into bed early and went to sleep. The following morning, I was feeling just as antisocial and tired. I wasn’t my usual happy self for a number of reasons, but being another year closer to thirty was probably a very big factor! As I opened the door of my bedroom, my day was instantly brightened. My friends had left flowers, cards, prosecco and cupcakes amongst other things outside my bedroom door. There was also a note informing me that my breakfast was in the fridge.

photo 3

And sure enough, there was a plate of fresh fruit delightfully decorated sitting in the refrigerator. My housemates little act of kindness had shown how well they know me and happy Char was back!  I went to work smiling 🙂

photo 4

That evening after work, my friend Siobhan insisted on going to Tesco and told me to pick out ‘three random things’. So I got a bubble gun, party hats & masks and three skipping ropes (one for each of us in the house)! There was no method to my madness, I just felt like we needed skipping ropes in our lives! We proceeded to recreate the birthday parties of our childhood with lots of sweets, chocolate and prosecco. What’s a kids party without alcohol?! 😛


It was around this time that I rediscovered snapchat. Best. Invention. Ever. Am I right?!

photo 2

I fell in love with watermelon. Like head over heels in love. I would eat this fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. A watermelon bowl is my FAVOURITE breakfast of the minute. It genuinely makes me deliriously happy!!

2014-06-11 09.39.09

I was gifted a NutriBullet aka my new favourite toy. Get ready for some Magic Bullet fun-filled recipes!

photo 6

The Irish Open was held at Fota Island from June 19th – 22nd and I spent the Sunday there with my family. They are all really into golf. Me… not so much, but I am getting there.


My little brother Steven got talking to Mike Miller, US golf pro, over the four days. Mike’s family then took a liking to Steven and his Dad gave him a pass to the club house where he was able to rub shoulders with all the elite. It was a 13 year old golf fanatic’s dream!

photo 5

I have this grand plan to start playing golf regularly. Luckily I have a golf genius in my family to give me all the coaching I need… and I’m going to need a lot of it! I took full advantage of having Steven in Cork for the Open by asking lots of questions, most of which he answered after rolling his eyes at my apparent stupidity!!!


On the night of my graduation I had a chat with my friend Rebecca about inspiration and creative motivation (check our her amazing blog for all things creative!!). We had agreed that if one is not feeling creative nor inspired, the motivation simply isn’t there to blog. Moreover, it is so evident if a blogger is simply just blogging for the sake of blogging.  It was only last night that I remembered this conversation and after a quick look at her happy place on the internet, I immediately felt motivated again! So here I am.  I promise I won’t leave it this long before I post again. I even have a little plan (and maybe even a schedule) for this little blog of mine.

Who wants to fill me in/direct me to posts on what I’ve missed in your lives?!





4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Charlene! Beautiful blog, so nice to see what you’ve been up to! Congratulations again on all your recent accomplishments, and YAY for inspiration and creativity! 😛 X

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