5 Things That Make Sick Days Happy ツ

What is it about the slowly warming weather that forces my body to reject me? I thought that Winter was cold and flu season, not the middle of May! It turns out that my fuzzy blankets, fluffy socks and Christmas pjs still have their uses as I’ve been consumed by the summer sniffles. And let me tell you, I am not a pleasant patient. I rarely get sick, but when I do, the world around me literally ends. You heard me, it literally ends!


Ever the optimistic realist, I know that the best medicine to remedy my looming self-pity and dreariness is a little injection of HAPPINESS! Here are five things that have made the last three bed-ridden days somewhat bearable.

1. Legally Blonde – The Musical!

Oh My God. Ohmigod you guys! How have I never felt compelled to see this before?! I watched this yesterday sometime between the stages of ‘I-feel-like-I-can-make-it-to-the-kitchen-without-fainting’ and ‘I-can’t-breathe,-I’m-actually-going-to-die’. It is the ultimate feel good musical and is now on my list of ‘Must See Live’ shows!


2. Comfy PJs & Fluffy Socks

More specifically, I wore the oldest pyjamas I posses and made sure I was as fashionably unconscious as possible. Red pj pants, skilfully clashed with a pink fluffy hoodie and mismatched fluffy socks is the height of sick girl chic!

2014-05-14 21.05.01

3. Tea, and lots of it

I didn’t have much of an appetite the last few days but I stayed hydrated with one of my favourite hot beverages in my most treasured mug that brings back loads of delicious memories. The most basic things in life always give me the most joy! The sweet spiced aroma almost made me forget I was sick, until I took a sip and my throat felt like it was being slit open by thousands of mini daggers!

2014-05-14 21.15.52

4. Ecards that make me feel better about myself!

No explanation needed. I iz fabulous!


5. Sleep!

So much sleep. Over 14 hours a night/day! And on that note… Zzzzzzz

Is anyone else sick at the moment? Let’s bond in our germiness!!! What makes you happy when you’re sick?

Smile, laugh and shine always… even on sick days!


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