[*~Day 38-50~*] #100happydays

Taking a hiatus from blogging my 100 Happy Days Challenge was probably the best thing I could have done. They say (whoever they may be!) the best thing about memories is making them, however sometimes you don’t truly know the value of a moment until it actually becomes a memory. This hit me last night when I was writing Day 26-37. All these little moments of happiness only occurred a few weeks ago but it seems like a lifetime away. There were times where I literally burst out laughing when I saw each picture (or the comment I left with it on Instagram) as I recalled incidents, words and feelings that were wrapped up in them. I’m glad that I started this challenge and now that I’m officially over the half-way mark, I can’t see what’s stopping me from continuing it for another 100 days. Although I’m probably getting a little bit ahead of myself seeing as I’m still playing catch up with the blogging part of it here!!

2014-03-22 12.08.50

Day Thirty-Eight. Sunday, 2nd March. You might remember way back on Day One I got a present from the lovely Katie-Jo. She was the one who encouraged me to start this challenge in the first place. A part of this present was the retro style floral bunting. You may be wondering why the bunting is tied to my window. Well, my bedroom window is huge. It’s so big that you’d think there would be a safety feature that would allow it to open only a certain amount as a human could literally fall out it extremely easily. But no, my bedroom window has two manual settings – fully opened (aka death trap) or closed (shut. sealed. no fresh air getting in this way!). If I ever try to leave it open half way, it will just spring shut again. So I came up with a genius idea. I would tie one end of the bunting to the handle of the window and the other side to the clothes rail in my wardrobe in a way that I can adjust the ajar-ness of the window while not compromising my bedroom décor. Hey presto. Instant window-opener-adjuster! I am actually a genius – if the genius scale measured the ability to open windows!

 2014-03-22 12.10.17

Day Thirty-Nine. Monday, 3rd March. After much deliberation, I joined the city library for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to be a member of a library for fun after 8 years studying in university libraries – perusing the shelves for books on riveting topics like strategic management, innovation & sustainability just doesn’t give me the same feeling of requiescence as searching for a good work of fiction. Secondly, I specifically wanted to borrow French language books instead of buying them, and perhaps a couple in Dutch once I get to a level of some sort of proficiency! So there I was, getting my shiny new library card, feeling very proud of myself for finally joining. The librarian offered to show me around and check-out my first borrowed book, but I politely declined as I still hadn’t finished The Book Thief yet and didn’t need any more books distracting me! I left the library feeling inspired. Too inspired, as I walked straight to Waterstones and ended up buying three new books! Who joins a library and within 5 minutes pays for several books that she could of borrowed?! This irresolute library-card-holder, that’s who!

 2014-03-22 12.11.04

Day Forty. Tuesday, 4th March. I get asked all the time by non-veggies if I miss meat. The answer is always no. But if I’m being honest, I do occasionally miss fish. I was a huge sushi fan. A plate of sashimi, nori and california rolls would make my tummy deliriously happy. After attending a meeting in work on my day off, a couple of us decided to go for a bite to eat in SoHo. The first thing I saw on the menu was vegetarian sushi. I certainly wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Although who am I kidding, if you gave anything covered in wasabi and ginger and called it sushi I’d probably believe you!

2014-03-22 12.11.29

Day Forty-One. Wednesday, 5th March. On this morning, I did something I never do. Actually watch a tv show! Usually I put something on while I’m getting ready; doing my hair, putting on my face etc. I tend to treat television like the radio – I listen rather than watch. I clearly had the time this morning, and it felt amazing to be focusing on one thing for once instead of multitasking. I’m gradually learning how to slow-it-down 🙂

2014-03-22 12.12.05

Day Forty-Two. Thursday, 6th March. Meet Mufasa. Isn’t he wonderful? This little guy was put in my pigeon hole at work as a thank you from a colleague for being there for him. All in a day’s work my friend! This particular colleague was very generous and gave a stuffed tiger to another co-worker for the same reason. Naturally, I vocalised my wish to meet this tiger-teddy as I wondered if he was as cute as little Mufasa here (not possible!). The next thing I know, a text message was sent. ‘Charlene wants to see your tiger’  with the response being ‘which one?!’  Boys!!! #rawr

2014-03-22 12.12.28

Day Forty-Three. Friday, 7th March. Pizza is something I never eat. It’s like fries – I will never order them, but if they’re put in front of me I’ll pick away happily for a while. I don’t even really like pizza. But after a long day at work I was craving grease and wine – the best combination if you ask me – and the most logical solution was to call Four Star! I credit the mountain of jalapeños and mushrooms to masking the usual pizza taste! Nothing says I hate pizza more than tricking yourself into thinking you are eating something else!

2014-03-22 12.13.04

Day Forty-Four. Saturday, 8th March. This was probably the toughest day I have had in a long time. I got some very bad news about someone very close to me while at work and I couldn’t get it off my mind. I tried to mask it, but I was visibly distressed. Thankfully, I have some wonderful friends at work who didn’t pressure me into explaining myself. One in particular knows the way to my heart – food! I have never been happier to devour a bar of chocolate before. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. This same lady kidnapped me for drinks instead of driving me home too – and I am so thankful that she did. She turned an uncharacteristically bad day around. I am so very lucky to have people like her in my life ❤

2014-03-22 12.14.59

Day Forty-Five. Sunday, 9th March. So I clearly failed the 100 Happy Days Challenge on Day 45, but I shall not be defeated by a little oversight. I spent the day happily catching up with friends I felt I was neglecting. Sometimes it’s more important to enjoy the moment as it comes rather than worry about what you could be doing, or wondering what is going to happen next.

2014-03-22 12.16.40

Day Forty-Six. Monday, 10th March. I woke up to this – another Liebster Award, this time from Dakota, my Californian blogging buddy! It’s amazing how much words from a person you have never met before (I almost said stranger, but she doesn’t feel like a stranger anymore – read her blog, it’s fantastic) can have such a positive effect on you. It’s also very encouraging to know that I’m making a little bit of an impact in other people’s lives through my random blogging. Spreading a little bit of happiness in my daily life has turned into my unofficial life mission and it’s great to think this transcends through the internet! Needless to say, I was in a great mood for the rest of the day!

2014-03-22 12.17.44

Day Forty-Seven. Tuesday, 11th March. Every Tuesday should be like this one. It was my housemate Siobhán’s 26th birthday. Another special thing about this day was a strange yellow ball in the sky radiating heat. We decided to investigate this rare occurrence with the help of a beverage by the river. After that, we went for a walk/run around the Lough, almost getting attacked by the evil ducks & swans who I am convinced think they are human! But that’s not all, we got Indian take-out and watched crappy telly while having girly chats. I would say this was a very successful Tuesday indeed.

2014-03-22 12.18.26

Day Forty-Eight. Wednesday, 12th March. Another random gift I wasn’t expecting – a stay in a five star hotel from work as a thank you for the extra hours I had been putting in recently. It was accompanied with the ironic line ‘for whenever you actually get time off’ – a line which I am still laughing at!

2014-03-22 12.19.01

Day Forty-Nine. Thursday, 13th March. Even though I don’t live at home, I still get the majority of my mail sent to my parent’s house – in case you didn’t know, I tend to move around a bit! My mum finally got around to redirecting a few things to me, including this beautiful Save the Date for my friend Aisling’s upcoming wedding this summer. Not only can I not wait for the wedding (and the hen), but the simple yet intricate design made my soul smile.

2014-03-22 12.19.32

Day Fifty. Friday, 14th March. You see some funny things in customer service. I can only assume that Una & Dan were playing Scrabble or some other score-keeping-type-game and then decided that it would be far more entertaining if they starting eavesdropping into people’s conversations, thus changing their game completely. After a few too many glasses of pinot for Una, and pints of Guinness for Dan, they decided it was time to retire, but not before writing a helpful note for the very obliging ladies & gents who had been serving them that evening. Thank you Una & Dan, whoever you are! You gave the bar & restaurant staff a right ole giggle that Friday night.

I’m half way through the 100 Happy Days Challenge! Follow me on instagram @charspillane to see my daily updates 🙂

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