[*~Day 16-20~*] #100happydays

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” – Francesca Reigler

I believe one hundred percent in the above quote. It took me years to get my head around the concept that no thing or person can make you unhappy. You are in control of your own emotions. You choose how you feel. My parents have been drilling this into us since we were children, but listening to them harp on about how we are in charge of our own happiness when you are in the depths of teenage despair made me more frustrated! Thankfully I’m no longer a self-absorbed teen and the last 2 years have been my happiest ever 🙂 With that being said, here is the fourth Happy Days round up!

 2014-02-12 23.35.00

Day Sixteen. Saturday, 8th February. I know it’s winter and poor little Ireland is literally being blown away at the moment, but I can’t be the only one who craves ice-cream at this time of year! After work on Saturday, I decided that I would make yummy banana & mango popsicles in these absolutely adorable umbrella-style moulds that belong to my wonderful Mum – you do realise you are never getting these back, right?!

2014-02-12 23.35.54

Day Seventeen. Sunday, 9th February. Nando’s is happiness, even for someone who no longer eats chicken! This was my second time going for some peri-peri goodness since becoming a vegetarian almost 5 months ago and I still love it even if I have to forgo the half-a-chicken! The avocado and green bean salad is to die for by the way! Like everywhere, there where little red hears adorning the restaurant but it was this sign outside that really got me giggling. Romantic spooning hehehe.. I seriously need to get out more!!

2014-02-12 23.36.52

Day Eighteen. Monday, 10th February. We got our first housewarming card from Katie-Jo! I absolutely adore the image on the front. It has pride place on our mantelpiece in the living room. That’s clearly me on the left and Lolly on the right, out shopping for things that we can’t really afford but are going to buy anyway 😉 We are totally recreating this soon!

2014-02-12 23.37.35

Day Nineteen. Tuesday, 11th February. My little brother is officially a teenager as of Tuesday. I spent the day in shock thinking where the last 13 years went. He is in 1st year of secondary school, the same year I was in when he was born! Scary! What’s even scarier is that the baby of the family will be 12 this week… eeeek! He is one of the loves of my life, a little terror at times, but I wouldn’t change him or the last 13 years for the world ❤

2014-02-12 23.38.30

Day Twenty. Wednesday, 12th February. For the week that was in it, I was surprised with a scrumptious heart shaped dessert the other evening. Surprise food, whether it’s sugary or savoury, will always make me happy! It is even kinda healthy with the strawberries… right?!

Until the next time,



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