When I’m a Grown Up…

Lately, I seem to be starting (and ending) a lot of sentences with the words ‘when I’m a grown up’. When I’m a grown up, I’m going to own a lovely house and decorate it how I please. When I’m a grown up, I’m going to shop at the most expensive places, and wear the most amazing clothes. And what’s more, I am going to have a wonderfully exciting and challenging job.. when I’m a grown up! The scary thing is, I am a grown up. I’m not 15 anymore. I am 25 years old. I am practically closer to thirty than I am to twenty. I know 21 year olds with futures more promising than mine right now. Even though I have worked full time while studying for the last 7 years and accomplished more than many others in my position, I still feel like a child.


I have a lot of random goals that I want to accomplish. If I’m being honest, I still have no clue what I really want to do with my life. Right now, as I type this I am talking to one of my best friend’s about how my next big ‘challenge’ is to become fluent in German! However, one of the main things I want out of life is to settle in one place, own a beautiful house and fill it with beautiful things. I want a place I can call home, and I have never really had that before. I will never say that moving a lot was a bad thing; it has made me adaptable to change and a more resilient person. It has given me a wealth of experience; I make new friends easily and my strongest friendships are with people I met nearly 14 years ago after the first ‘big move’. I firmly believe that moving to Cork was the best thing that could have happened to me for many reasons. However, I have always wanted a place where I can comfortably call home.


Today I discovered that my cousin Melissa has been writing a wonderful blog about her beautiful new home, The Glen House. It’s like something out of a fairytale, and you all know how I love fairytales! The house is “set in woodland, in front of a river, with a stream running by the side of the house”. It even has an apple tree! I’ve been enviously scrolling through her posts all day, hungering over her pantry and longing for the opportunity to recreate her interior design skills. Over on instagram, one friend in particular, has been posting the most darling (literally the most appropriate word I can think of right now) pictures of various areas/items in her new house. Lucky for me, the lovely Kate has allowed me to share some of them with you in this post – they look like something out of a magazine, or even better, from picture perfect Pinterest. And I love Pinterest!!


I’m going to be a grown up in 21 days. I will no longer have the safety blanket of the academic world to wrap around me. I’ll be out in the so called big bad world. I will never utter the phrase ‘I am a student’ again with someone replying with ‘but you’re not a REAL student, Charlene.’ And do you know what, I could not be more excited about it. I’ve played around with college courses but I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am today. And I’m incredibly proud of that. I may not be a real grown up yet in my head, but I am definitely on my way to being the best grown up that I can be. One day I’ll have the perfect job for me and the perfect house I can call my own. But for now, , I’m going to watch the one show that every Irish person anticipates all year, The Late Late Toy Show. Because being a grown up can wait.

Tot morgen,




5 thoughts on “When I’m a Grown Up…

  1. Ugh I am going through now what you will be doing in 21 days. I am 21, finished college in June… and unemployed. It is the most discouraging thing ever. Waiting. Waiting for life to start. It has started, but sitting around applying to jobs and waiting to hear back is not living. I want to go back in time to the comfort of being in school…

    • I’m lucky that I have a good job to go back to once I’m finished in the Netherlands, but I still want to try climb a different career ladder. I had an interview yesterday so we’ll see how that goes! It’s scary but exciting at the same time. I just wish we had the same promise of job security as our grandparents had!!!

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