Celebrating The Little Things

This is my 50th blog post! I find it a bit surreal that I have managed to write fifty posts, with nearly half of them written in the last three weeks. However, I am extremely proud of this achievement and I plan on celebrating! It’s the little things in life that I like to celebrate. After all, the little things help make bigger things happen. So, I’m not only celebrating fifty blog posts, I’m celebrating today’s little victories.

I’m celebrating getting a free coffee voucher from Starbucks because I waited 15 minutes for an americano.

2013-11-23 13.16.40-2

I’m celebrating helping a man pick up several bottles of sinasappelsap after the overflowing basket he was dragging behind him his a bump in the road and some fell out. Good deed of the day number 1!

I’m celebrating not ignoring the college student wandering around the city centre today looking for people to fill out her marketing research questionnaire. And actually filling it out honestly!

I’m celebrating this sign that made me smile when I walked passed a yoghurt shop today.

2013-11-23 13.05.47-1

I’m celebrating reading posts like this that remind you of one person that truly made a difference in your life.

I’m celebrating not brushing my hair today. Big hair, don’t care!

I’m celebrating that not having my thesis completed because it means I get to go back to my natural habitat again tomorrow!

2013-11-21 19.42.39-2

I’m celebrating cycling home from the library with all the street lights down and just the glimmer of the Christmas lights to guide me.

I’m celebrating getting this post up before 11pm!

And I plan on doing all this celebrating with a glass of wine in about 20 minutes 🙂 What little things in life are you celebrating today?

Tot morgen,




5 thoughts on “Celebrating The Little Things

  1. Lovely post! Yesterday I was celebrating my job which I love and which lets me study & support my wee family. Today I’m celebrating that it’s Monday tomorrow and now that placement is finished my routine is almost back to normal 🙂

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