Totally Lekker!

As a relatively new vegetarian, I haven’t found eating out as problematic as expected. In fact, it makes choosing what to eat so much easier as I now have a much limited choice. I used to rarely go for a vegetarian option on the menu and spent ages agonising over whether I should go for a juicy steak, or for the scallops that just melt in your mouth. Life is simpler now. Having said that, I do love when a restaurant wows me with the vegetarian selection on offer.

The last two days have been spent in the library struggling with this thesis that you’re all so over me talking about!! It is a mentally draining task, and when you’re using up all your energy so quickly, all you want is instant gratification. Thankfully, just around the corner is one of the best burger bar’s in the Netherlands, Meneer Smakers. Smaken is the verb to taste in Dutch, so literally translated (kinda..), Mister Tasty caters to vegetarians in a way that I have never seen before from a typical ‘fast food’ joint. Everything is lekker (this word comes in very handy in many a situation. Today it means tasty or great!)

Keep in mind that all burgers are named after a family member. (Side note: did you know that the Dutch word burger means citizen..?!) So today I had the Aunt Mila, (de Tante Mila) a burger mainly made from walnuts, red lentils and cumin with avocado and a yummy spicy sauce. It wasn’t too pittige (spicy) but delicious all the same. Yesterday, I devoured de Tante Connie made of goats cheese and chickpeas with aubergine, courgette, green olives and wild flower honey. The ‘real’ burgers look amazing too (don’t forget beef used to be my meat of choice…. the rarer the better!). Grandpa Harry looks good if you like lamb and Uncle Jimmie is there if you fancy a salmon burger! They all come with proper homemade chips. The best part is, you get fed for about a tenner and won’t be hungry until the next day!

So my questions to you this fine Monday is, where is the best burger place you have tried and what is your favourite thing to get?

Tot morgen,



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6 thoughts on “Totally Lekker!

  1. Hmmm vegetarian burgers… nomnom! I’m just after finishing homemade falafel. Haven’t quite mastered the lentil burgers you’ve described which sound amazing! You’d be surprised how many vegetarian options are available! If you’re ever in Stockholm there was an amazing all you can eat vegan buffet near Hornstull. 89kr for everything from crackers to Indian to coffee. About €10! Our European counterparts really know a good bargain 🙂 That place sounds great Char. Good to hear you’re opening your palette to greener options 🙂

  2. Char bar.
    I think you should tell companies/restaurants your writing a blog and would they give you a discount or food for free and you will write up a review about them. And tell all your friends about them! 🙂 xx

  3. Great idea Katie!! My favorite burger is to be found in a tiny bar called Ty Breiz in Les Contamines Montjoie in the Alps, a real burger, huge steak hashe with Jambon, cornichons and Fromage de Roblechon in between fresh burger buns and seved with a side salad. Magnifique!!!

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