Library & Oliebollen Love <3

It has gotten colder in the Netherlands over the last few days. I love the chilly weather; it gives me a valid excuse to wear my favourite wooly hats and mittens! From the moment I left the house this morning, it was the perfect Autumn day. No rain. No wind. Just cold crisp air that pinches at your cheeks and nose. The energy from the Saturday shoppers in the city made me wish I didn’t have to go to the library but the lure of a building full of books prevailed. The university library in the city centre is hands down my favourite. While the colour scheme in the research library is black, the city centre library is white, giving it a brighter, cleaner and more attractive appearance. Just look at the picture below. Tell me that it doesn’t make you want to grab a seat, marvel at the stunning architecture and soak in the atmosphere of knowledge. If heaven was a library, it would definitely look like this.

2013-11-16 10.30.58-1

 As much as I love the library, my brain doesn’t always love what I am trying to force it to do. I made it to 3pm where a quick glance at my library buddy and a nod in return prompted us to pack up our stuff and head to Starbucks. We opted for take-away coffee to warm our hands while walking around the market at Vredenburg Square. I stumbled across a guy who sells the best dried mango in the entire world and it’s only €3 for 250g!! Then we discovered oliebollen…

2013-11-16 15.52.49-1

Oliebollen are little balls of magical deliciousness. Oliebollen stalls pop up all around the Netherlands around this time and there they will stay until the New Year. Literally translated as ‘oil balls’, an oliebol is a fried ball of sweet dough covered in powdered sugar. Think of the most delicious donut you have ever eaten and triple that scrumptiousness! So bad but oh so good!

2013-11-16 22.35.24

As I cycled home through the park, I couldn’t get over the amount of people around. There were people out for walks, parents with their kids in the playground and two friendly soccer games going on at the same time. It made me smile to see everyone enjoying this perfect Autumn day as much as I did. I am loving this country more and more every day. It’s hard to believe I only have 34 days left!

Tot morgen,



2013-11-10 16.42.58-1

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