The Hibernation Chronicles I

So I am officially in hibernation for the next week. Today’s daily blog is brought to you from the research library. Prepare to be regaled by my ever so exciting day 🙂

My proudest moment of the day is making a seven day plan to finally get this thesis ready for binding. If it’s on the internet, then it has to happen, right?! As anyone who has written a thesis or dissertation will know, it is not so easy to know when you are finished as there is always something extra you can add. However, I think I’m finally happy with my literature review after 14 months so I can say that day one of thesis week has been a success!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 18.53.40

My revelation of the day happened while undertaking a little taste experiment in the project room. The first time I tasted coconut water last year I literally gagged. Last week I tried flavoured VitaCoco for the first time thinking that peach and mango would have to make it taste better. Nope! It smelt like putrid seaweed and tasted even worse. Nevertheless, I was convinced that I could like this latest beverage trend. So today, I picked up a pineapple flavoured Chi coconut water (94% coconut water & 6% pineapple juice) and guess what? I LOVED IT! I finally understand the hype. Turns out it’s just the brand VitaCoco that I don’t like, which makes perfect sense to me (the Coke V Pepsi debate springs to mind). So if you have tried VitaCoco and it wasn’t for you, do not despair. There are other brands of coconut water full of potassium, calcium and B-vitamins for you to enjoy!

2013-11-15 14.52.23

My celebratory moment of the day is officially making it to Day 15 of National Blog Post Month. Half way there – not bad for a Gemini who tends to start random projects but rarely finish them! I love a good challenge and motivation is key. Same goes for this bloomin’ never ending academic research I am doing… The pressure is on now though, and as you know, I work pretty well under pressure!

Tot morgen,




5 thoughts on “The Hibernation Chronicles I

  1. Ah! I so want to try coconut water! It kind of scares me though. I have a hard time finding “filtered” coconut water, and I hate pulp! I hear its pulpy/jelly if it is not filtered!

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