Sharing Moments, Collecting Memories

While I was acting the tourist yesterday, I bought myself a new mug. Although coffee is my hot beverage of choice, there is nothing more relaxing for me than a cup of tea. From breakfast tea to camomile to oolong, I have a huge collection of loose leaf and teabags. Not only this but over the last year I have discovered my penchant for mugs.

2013-11-07 17.22.19-2

It started last January while I was living Paris. The cups in my apartment were teeny tiny and just didn’t suit my extensive tea needs. In my eyes, these so called ‘tea cups’ are not for beverages, but for making desserts in, like individual portions of homemade chocolate mousse!


So I went on a tea-mug hunt around Paris. I first bought what could only be described as a small green cereal bowl with a handle for those days that no amount of tea was enough. Next, I bought a more standard sized mug with C’est Mon Mug emblazoned across it – in case anyone questioned who owned it – for those ‘I just fancy one cup’ days! My best friend Claire then came to visit and we bought matching mugs at the top of the Eiffel Tower to commemorate our visit. That evening, we stayed up late chatting and giggling over steaming cups of herbal tea. At Christmas, I was gifted a mug with photographs of my graduation. The original (below) was destroyed five months later by an anonymous former housemate of mine. Needless to say I was devastated, but my wonderful mum surprised me before I moved to Holland with an exact replica 🙂

2013-11-07 19.00.29

I tend to form a sentimental attachment to my mugs… and a dislike to those that don’t fit my fussy criteria. I will always get offended when my little brothers make me tea in one of their Liverpool FC mugs!!!

Over the last year I have managed to build quite a collection that individually represent special memories. I’ll often choose a mug based on my mood and which specific moment, memory or time of my life I’d like to relive. I ask myself the question where do I want to go today? For me, drinking tea is about capturing past moments shared with family and friends, and for five minutes, no matter where I am in the world, I can be anywhere in time that I want to be.

I know I am not the only person out there who loves their mugs! Do you collect anything that’s not the norm? I also collect fairies, but that’s a story for another day..

Tot morgen,



2013-09-25 13.28.12

10 thoughts on “Sharing Moments, Collecting Memories

  1. I just love it!! This post makes me think of our C’est mon mug photo and love that I’m in your collection of stuff photo! Miss you! Xx

  2. This resonates with me. In my past life (actually, it’s still an infrequent part of the current life!) I was a potter so my house is full of bowls & mugs that I’ve made, or that I’ve admired and bought from other potters 🙂

    I collect a lot of craft crap. It drives Bob absolutely bonkers!

  3. Ah this is a lovely jubly blog. Made me feel all warm an fuzzy inside. I love that our photo is in your collection of special collectables. :-). I miss you and Carly so so much. 😦
    I have so much to tell you both about the little wedding, the build up, the time after and how thing are going now.
    There is just too much to write.
    Can’t wait till your both home or until we’re together again!!!
    And can make more of the special memories which I am missing so so much.
    Keep up the blogging my special girl Charlene! When I read them it’s like your here telling me.
    Love you lots sweet heart x xx x

  4. Love this one!!!! Love all of them! Love the updates!! Love how you tell us more about you in every one! Miss you loooooads!! I drink out of my half of our matching mugs when I’m thinking of our memories xxx

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