The Ultimate Garden Centre

After four hours sleep last night and a 5am start, I’m going to keep this post nice and short as I all I want to do is put on my pjs, fluffy socks, drink tea and read until I fall asleep – I live such an exciting life!

2013-11-05 08.42.50-1

I spent the day in Aalsmeer witnessing the impressive logistics of Flora Holland, the largest flower auction in the world. What is a flower auction you ask? It is essentially the Wall Street of the flower world. A fast paced and high octane organisation, they dynamically deal with the daily buying and selling of flowers around the world. To paint a picture for you, Flora Holland’s site at Aalsmeer is the same size as the country of Monaco. They sell 9 million roses a day and 12.5 billion flowers & plants a year on behalf of their growers! They are insane figures!

2013-11-05 09.06.30-1

We were there on business, but (drumroll please) there was still time to smell the roses (my 3rd favourite flower FYI)… like these ones that glow in the dark.

2013-11-05 08.29.01-1

I naturally gravitated towards this glittery creation. No idea what type of flower it is, all I know is that it’s pretty and shimmery! I was most definitely a magpie in a previous life.

2013-11-05 08.38.13-1

My second favourite flower is the orchid. I have never seen so many different types in one place before. Simply delightful!

2013-11-05 08.41.10-1

Now that Halloween is over, the festive season is in full swing at Flora Holland. I saw my first Christmas tree of the season…

2013-11-05 08.39.25-1

….and these adorable Santa Claus Cacti. Note to self: may be a cute gift idea! Who doesn’t want their very own cactus?!

2013-11-05 08.38.03-1

In other news, gevulde koek (a type of almond cake/pastry) is delicious, coconut water is not all it’s cracked up to be and in case you’re wondering, my absolute favourite flowers are lilies 🙂

Tot morgen,



2013-11-05 08.38.30-1

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Garden Centre

  1. Photos are absolutely gorgeous!
    Besides that – what I really enjoy about your blogs is that you share a little bit about yourself in every one!

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