It’s Never Too Late To Procrastinate!!

Als je ‘t nu niet doet, wanneer dan wel?
If you don’t do it now, when will you!

 Procrastination is an all too big part of my life. I am highly skilled in the art of putting things off until the very last minute. I’m quite proud of the fact that I manage to get things done to a high level while just scraping the deadline. If you want me to be more productive, give me less time to do something. I firmly believe that pressure is for tyres. If it causes me stress, it’s not doing its job correctly. It drives me; it motivates me… more often than not to do other things than what I am supposed to be doing! Nevertheless, procrastination makes me a more productive person (along with coffee & stroopwafels)!

2013-11-03 11.38.24-2

Today, after a morning of SPSS in the library,  I tactfully grabbed coffee with a friend to avoid going home to complete the data analysis chapter of my thesis. We started talking about the looming deadline of this masterpiece. I suddenly realised that I’ve done more work on it in the last 3 days than I have in the last 12 months! This got me thinking…

Do I work well under pressure because I procrastinate or do I procrastinate because I work well under pressure?

Yes, I know…To use a phrase that is bandied about the internet lately… MIND BLOWN! It turns out, I enjoy working under pressure. I get a kick from it. I am more productive, more dynamic and more disciplined at the last minute. I put off a lot of things because at the time they seem tedious, however when I finally get around to doing them, I really enjoy myself. The thing is, would I have enjoyed them as much if I didn’t procrastinate for so long? We may never know…..!!

On that note, it’s finally time for me to tackle this final draft of my thesis. If it weren’t for the last minute, I would get nothing done! Are you a serial procrastinator too? Why do you procrastinate? Are you procrastinating right now by reading this? Don’t worry, it’ll just make you a more dynamic, adaptable and capable person in the long term!

Tot morgen,




8 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late To Procrastinate!!

  1. That is me ALLLLL over! I never do anything until the last minute, which probably explains why I’m not that good at blogging – there’s no time pressures. So, also explains why I’m really enjoying NaBloPoMo, thus far, I’m finally accountable (sort of)! And as a result getting more done…

    But how do you get things done? – for example, I would love to have all my meals planned and, even better, made for the week but I always leave it to the last possible moment, which means I spend my evenings cooking and cleaning up rather than having a bath or reading a book. Are you sometimes strict with yourself in order to make sure you aren’t always flapping from one thing to the next?! Do you know what I mean? xx

    (p.s. I sort of wrote about procrastinating today and decided I need to get on with more things!) xx

    • I’m a huge believer in LISTS! I make a weekly list on a Sunday of things I have to get done. I also make a list every evening before I go to bed of things I need to do the following day. I look at each task like a goal I have to achieve (I’ve a competitive streak in me, and I do the weird thing of competing with myself a lot!). I often bounce from one item to the next without finishing it fully, but the satisfaction of crossing off a completed task is great and I like going to bed at night knowing that I have crossed off the majority of things I had to do that day.

      Another thing I do, is I give myself a little more time than actually I need to complete tasks. It may be something as simple as doing the ironing or preparing my lunch for the next day so I can be healthy for once! This way I am not rushing to get things done, and when I am finished early I can reward myself with a cup of tea and a nice book! 🙂

  2. Ugh, don’t even. I have three essays which are now technically late, I’m on placement for the next three weeks so I don’t have a day off until November 27th AND I’m skint because I’ve had to give up my work shifts while I’m doing placement. I can guarantee that all of my work will be done by Friday though because now it’s late, I’m having a meltdown about it 😉

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