Catch Up: Week 3

A quick post today to recap on the last week before I forget! These weeks are starting to run into each other. So, the highlights…

Spent the week in a concept space where we were encouraged to think out of the box, draw on the walls and create prototypes out of straws and playdough.

2013-10-14 10.57.19-1

Got stressed out with the disorganisation of the bikes around Central Station while doing research for a project. We will come up with an innovative solution!!

2013-10-15 14.37.51-1

Went to MockaMore for the millionth time since I’ve arrived to Utrecht! This beauty is called an Indian Summer – simply an americano with whipped cream and cinnamon.

2013-10-15 12.52.34

Introduced more friends to MockaMore.. Have you ever seen a happier face? It’s the MockaMore effect.. 🙂

2013-10-17 12.32.25

Went Disco Bowling and LOVED IT! Cheesy music blaring, beer flowing, the chance to spin the big wheel when the pink light lands on the front pin… Friday night madness!!

2013-10-18 23.09.13-1

Experienced my first Ethiopian restaurant. The one we went to is called Sunshine and is family run. There was even a cat roaming around the place, which normally I’d hate, but it seemed to add to the traditional atmosphere of the restaurant.

2013-10-19 20.27.59-1

Tried Fairtrade Coconut Beer and drank it from a coconut shaped bowl. It smelled better than it tasted!

2013-10-19 20.42.52-1

Got to eat with my HANDS. In Ethiopian cuisine you use injera, a type of flat bread, to pick up pieces of stew type food called wats. The food isn’t always the most appealing looking, but it sure tastes delicious!

2013-10-19 20.53.31-1

Went on a couple of midnight adventures. Because finding a new route home from town after several hours of drinking is always a good idea! Especially when you get to look into people’s houses because the Dutch don’t believe in curtains…. I will have this bookshelf/library in my house one day!

2013-10-19 22.52.07-1

I also finally bought an umbrella & a new jacket and randomly turned vegetarian this week after watching far too many documentaries on the treatment of animals in slaughter houses. For a girl who loves a big juicy rare steak, this is a massive change, but so far so good.. we’ll see how long it lasts though!!!

Tot ziens,



2013-10-19 21.15.49-1

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