101 in 1001

I love making lists and I love setting goals for myself so this challenge is perfect for me! After so many people have posted these up I have been inspired to do the same.  You’d be surprised at how difficult trying to come up with 101 things to do in 2.75 years is.

Start Date: 31st August 2013

Finish Date: May 28th 2016

  1. Pay off student loan
  2. Get a first class honours masters degree
  3. Complete a 7 day juice fast
  4. Work for an international company
  5. Go vegan for 30 days
  6. Write a letter to my self to open in 10 years
  7. Live in a sunny climate for at least 3 months
  8. Visit Australia
  9. Define my abs
  10. Say YES to everything for a whole day.
  11. Make a YouTube video
  12. Run a 10K
  13. Run half a marathon
  14. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
  15. Go to a yoga class
  16.  Have my own apartment
  17. Have a spa day
  18. Afternoon Tea at Claridges
  19. Visit New York
  20. Put together a recipe book of all dishes I make.
  21. Do not use heat on my hair for a week
  22. Jump out of a plane!
  23. Experience zero gravity
  24. Learn HTML
  25. Learn how to build and maintain a website
  26. Buy a car
  27. Maintain a size 8 dress size
  28. Toast marshmallows
  29. Hold a conversation in Dutch
  30. Write a short story
  31. Own a pair of Christian Louboutins.
  32. Be able to do 50 pushups
  33. Get my teeth whitened.
  34. Make a vision board
  35. Get a golf handicap
  36. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square
  37. Complete a Rubix Cube
  38. Hold a Come Dine With Me style dinner party with friends
  39. Read all of Jane Austen’s novels (0/6)
  40. Be my own boss
  41. Drink a very old & expensive wine
  42. Go for a picnic
  43. Visit the Giants Causeway
  44. Don’t complain for a whole day
  45. Sit the DALF exam
  46. Take a swing dancing class
  47. Throw out all clothes I haven’t worn in over one year
  48. Schedule a doctors check up
  49. Go to the dentist for a check up
  50. Find out my blood type
  51. Watch my brother play in a golf competition
  52. Go to the Irish Open
  53. Buy a bicycle.
  54. Go hiking
  55. Abstain from alcohol for 6 months
  56. Dress up for Halloween
  57. Attend the opera
  58. Make homemade jam
  59. Buy coffee for a stranger
  60. Send flowers to a friend
  61. Spend one day without electronics & the internet
  62. Learn the alphabet in ISL and ASL
  63. Ride in a hot air balloon
  64. Go on a holiday with my sister
  65. Do a wine tasting tour
  66. Build a snowman
  67. Do a crossword every day for a month
  68. Print & organise all photos on hard-drive/laptop
  69. Go go-karting
  70. Bake a cake for someone
  71. Subscribe to Time magazine
  72. Redesign my blog
  73. Enter a competition
  74. Write 10 handwritten letters to friends & family.
  75. Save €25 for every goal completed (0/101)
  76. Get a promotion
  77. Attend a wedding
  78. Attend a conference
  79. Join a club
  80. Go to a festival
  81. Go camping
  82. Write & publish a magazine or newspaper article
  83. Start and keep a one sentence daily journal
  84. Eat in 3 Michelin Star restaurants (0/3)
  85. Throw myself a birthday party
  86. Reread all Harry Potter books in French
  87. Wear a bikini in public
  88. Buy a Chanel handbag
  89. Be consistent in blogging for a year
  90. Go to bed at 10pm every night for a week
  91. Buy a nice gym bag
  92. Send Christmas cards
  93. Fall in love
  94. Take my grandparents out for dinner
  95. Get a pedicure
  96. Leave a 50% tip
  97. Get a massage
  98. Purchase and learn how to use a DSLR camera
  99. Make a gift for someone
  100. Inspire someone to make their own list
  101. Make another 101 in 1001 days

Right, let’s give this a go…!




4 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. how goes the list? you should have this printed off and hung in your room to remind yourself 😛 ha ha i could help with the html, i was pretty handy at it in coll…. 😛

    • It’s actually not going too badly. There are a load of things that I have planned to do in the next few months… just once I complete number 2 🙂 I’m doing a computer science course at the moment too so i’m learning about code which should help with the html 🙂

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