Luck of the Irish?

I’ve always been a very lucky person. For as long as I can remember, things have always gone my way. Now I’m not talking about luck in terms of winning competitions or large sums of money (although I’m sure if I actually did the lotto, I’d most certainly win it 😛 ), but luck in my day to day life. Nothing terribly horrible or stressful has ever happened in my life that hasn’t worked to my advantage. I don’t know whether it is my general positive outlook on life or my tendency to not worry or stress over things, but ever since I was small I’ve known that things will always work out for me.


One of my earliest memories of this was in drama class aged 8. We were putting on a production of The Little Princess and before any of us had been given the parts, I had already announced to all my family and friends that I had gotten the lead of Sara. As a kid I was extremely shy, but I was very driven, had great self-belief in myself and inner-confidence in my abilities. Or perhaps I was simply a very presumptuous child! Either way, I ended up being cast as Sara and I remember thinking to myself ‘I knew it!’


It may simply have been a case of my drama teacher choosing a random student out of a bunch of girls with average talent, but this was the first time I can remember feeling incredibly lucky that I somehow knew I was going to play Sara before it had happened. The same way I knew that I’d be the one and only wildcard for singing competition on 2FM back in 2008! Some may say it is deja vu, but ever since I can remember, I can almost sense what is going to happen in certain situations. Because of this innate, and weird, ability, I don’t stress or worry over the things that seem bad at the time because they will be made right soon enough.


 I’ve known I was going to miss the deadline for an assignment only to get an unexpected extension a day later. I have ran out of money at the beginning of the week but received generous tips at work, a random present of a gift voucher and have been paid two days early for no apparent reason! Over the last few weeks I feel like my luck has heightened even more. Nothing has drastically changed, but I do know that I am incredibly content in myself and blessed with my life so far. I have been given so many amazing opportunities and have met some incredible and influential people along the way. Several curveballs have been sent my way, but I view them as boomerangs because they never stay around for long. If I want something enough, I will always I achieve it!


I often take for granted this so called luck, if in actual fact it is luck at all. I am lucky that I don’t have to spend hours studying or working on assignments to get good marks, but this means that I get lazy and lackadaisical when it comes to university and procrastinate more than I’d like to admit. I am lucky that I am a motivated, independent and a very driven person who works hard on everything I set my mind to, however this leads me to being judgemental of those that are not without knowing their story. I am lucky that I have been brought up in a family who believe in me and who have made me truly appreciate everything I have in life.


Do you believe that you can be born a lucky person or you have to work for it and create your own? Does luck actually exist at all or is it just a state of mind? Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience with luck in your life!

À bientôt,




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