The Blogging Bug Bites Back!

I returned home from France one month ago and I miss it. A lot.

I miss the coffee, the hypermarchés with their copious amounts super fresh fruit and veg and the très efficient public transport. I miss seeing the Eiffel Tower every day and French accents – I’m sorry Corkonians, your melodic tones just don’t do it for me! I even miss the 3 hour lectures, the beautiful buildings of the 16th and crisp spring days with not a cloud in the sky. But what I miss most of all is this little thing, my blog.

2013-01-16 21.00.39

It started as a lazy way to keep my family and friends collectively updated on my few months in Paris – I honestly did not have the time nor the energy to send individual emails, and subsequently reply to every one of them. But it turns out, I actually enjoyed working on my weekly updates and looked forward to spending an hour with un infusion in one hand and instagram in the other 🙂 After a month of blogging, I was getting a lot more hits that I had anticipated. People from different countries that I had never met were messaging me saying they enjoyed reading the silly ramblings of an Irish girl in France. That was sort of cool!


Since arriving home last month, I have received several messages and emails asking when I am back blogging again, if I can blog about Ireland and post other anecdotes about my day to day life. That’s when I came to the decision to change the name of this blog to The Adventures of Char Bar (VERY original, I know! 😉 ) and start writing again. Writing is my productive way of relaxing.. we all know that I like to keep busy at all times 😛

Who knows what this will turn out like but join me if you like and we can find out together. For those of you who kept up to date with my adventures in Paris, I’ll be living near Amsterdam in September, so there are exiting times ahead!

À bientôt,




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