Snow-pocalypse: Snow Wars I

Yesterday was an official snow day in Paris. The trains weren’t running, lectures were cancelled and the falling snow looked magical from my apartment window. I had it on good authority that it was absolutely baltic outside giving me a valid excuse to not leave the apartment once during the day. Surprisingly, I got a lot of work done (while watching The Life of Pi!) and so decided to treat myself to an early night. As I was getting ready for bed, I had one more look at the crisp untouched snow outside when the most amazing idea occurred to me. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I scooped up some of the neige from my windowsill and launched it at my housemate who was sitting alone in the living room?!

I opened la fenêtre and the icy night air hit me straight away. Carefully, I gathered some of the cold white stuff and moulded it into a little sphere. I was ready! I closed the bedroom window quietly so my unsuspecting victim wouldn’t be suspicious. Turns out, I needn’t have bothered as when I stuck my head cautiously around the living room door, I found him sitting on the couch with his headphones on, completely oblivious to my daring little plan. The conditions were perfect! I looked down at the not-yet-melting snowball in my hand and had a bit of a ‘will-I-won’t-I’ moment, which I have to admit didn’t last very long. I raised my arm up, had a little bit of a giggle in anticipation of what I was about to do and… FIRE! The look on his face was priceless. Oh how I laughed!!! Our other coloc and his girlfriend arrived home 15minutes later. I recounted the story with glee and then went to bed.

 2013-03-12 21.06.43

Ten minutes plus tard, I was relaxing in bed sipping on my infusion nuit tranquille when there was a knock on my door. Now, let me explain that there are three doors leading into ma chambre, two of which are never used. Jamais! The fact that the knock came from the one beside my bed should have been a dead giveaway of what was to happen next. ‘YEAH’ I yelled. Queue the door opening, an avalanche of snow being dumped all over me and three voices erupting into hysterical laughter!! I calmly closed my bedroom door and heard a voice say ‘she’s probably plotting her revenge’ from the next room. Quite the contrary. There was no point in letting this inter-housemate snow war escalate any further. It would only end in tears, and I have to live with these men for the next three weeks. No, instead of competing against each other, we had to work together and become a team. We had bigger fish to fry!

I have another genius idea, I told the boys. We should give our friends upstairs a surprise! We filled our ‘popcorn’ bowl with snow from another windowsill and crept up the four flights of stairs. I rang the doorbell. No answer. I rang it again, and quickly scurried half way down the nearest stairs where I caught a fit of uncontrollable nervous laughter. Why weren’t they answering their door? It was only midnight after all. Footsteps were heard, the doorknob twisted and I held my breath…. The snow was catapulted at our innocent enemy and a string of profanity ensued as we legged it back down the four flights before we fell under attack. Within minutes, war was declared via facebook and the possibility of a peace treaty in the form of my homemade chocolat chaud was discussed.

Most of the snow has since melted and so far we’ve managed to dodge any snow bullets ! However, a mutual friend has just casually invited us up to the enemy base for drinks… a little too casually!! Drinks you say? We’re bringing a bucket of ice and our A-game just in case….

À bientôt,



2013-03-12 23.36.46-1

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