A Louvre-ly Day ;)

I’m just back  from a lovely Sunday morning run around the Eiffel Tower so while I have some sort of motivation, I better get another post up! I had the most relaxing week back home in Ireland, and my brothers have made me promise not to surprise them when I come home again! Even though I miss them, I love being back in Paris. It was a positively balmy beautiful 16 degrees yesterday. Went for a walk dans la rue and hung around Place du Trocadéro for a bit in the sunshine. A bride and groom were having wedding pictures taken – by professional photographers and tourists alike!  Je suis use incorrigible romantique!

2013-03-09 15.16.25

The main activity yesterday was le Musée du Louvre. Yes, I finally paid the long awaited visit to Mona Lisa. Those of you who have been there will know the museum itself is HUGE. After four hours, my head felt like it was going to explode. There was so much to see and far too much to take in.

2013-03-09 19.50.07

The main things I learned from my visit to the Louvre are:

I wish I could draw/paint/sculpt. Actually, I wish I had some sort of artistic bone in my body. Painters dotted around the museum replicate the works of art that adorn the walls. Art students sit around a sculpture and sketch for ten minutes before moving onto the next one. The lone scribbler is hiding in the corner of a exhibit drawing bronze age artefacts and curses under his breath when anyone gets in the way of his view. I’m jealous of their talent and their passion.

2013-03-09 22.19.39

The Mona Lisa is tiny. And you can’t get anywhere near it to really study her face properly because of the throngs of tourists taking pictures. I’d love to go back to the day that camera’s did not exist! And yes, I recognise the irony of posting the picture below!!

2013-03-09 22.24.31

I can be incredibly immature at times. Immature but hilarious!! The best caption of the picture below will get a bottle of French wine 😉

 2013-03-09 22.26.43

Since it’s la Fête des Mères and I can’t be at home, I’d like to wish my wonderful mum a Happy Mother’s Day! You better be being spoiled today! See you in three weeks 🙂

À bientôt,



2013-03-09 15.07.59

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