They’re Pancakes, Not Crêpes!

Pancake Tuesday is officially one of my favourite days of the year. I hadn’t celebrated it since I was a child and I had ever actually made pancakes myself before this week. We invited a few people over for a Pancake Party to celebrate the beginning of Lent like the good Christians that we are. Thanks to my love of cooking and the fact that I’m the only woman in the apartment, I whipped up a batch of batter in the afternoon, guestimating the measurements of flour, eggs and milk. We then made the apartment all prettiful for our guests and I started the cooking process, flipping and all. Turns out I’m a natural. En fait, j’ai les crêpes dans le sang! Who knew?!

2013-02-12 19.31.10

Our friends started to arrive bringing various items with them. Pancake Tuesday is the only day of the year where it is acceptable to arrive at a party and hand the host bananas, bacon, cream, and eggs. We have trop d’oeufs that we’ll be eating them for the rest of the month! I think I must have made about 40 pancakes in total. Some of my French friends thought that we were going to have American style pancakes. I was asked if I needed help making ‘these thicker crêpes‘ and I launched into an informative ‘they’re not crêpes, they’re pancakes’ rant pointing out the several subtle (but noticeable) differences. Il va sans dire that I am now a professional pancake making machine!

2013-02-14 17.07.10

My favourite part of the night was the dessert. Yes, dessert after pancakes! I surprised everyone by making a vat of chocolate chaud with real chocolate and a few secret ingredients. It was delicious..and probably contained a few days worth of calories mais toujours en vaut la peine!

2013-02-12 21.22.25

Comme vous le savait tous demain est un jour spécial pour les amoureux, Valentine’s day, and here I am in the most romantic city in the world toute seule 😛  I hope everyone is celebrating it with someone special whether you’re in a relationship or not ❤ BONNE SAINT VALENTIN À TOUS! Have a lovely weekend and I’ll update you all when I’m back from London!

À bientôt,




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