Plus de Vin s’il te plaît!

I am getting very used to this glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away mentality, or in my case, une bouteille!!  That may be a slight exaggeration, however there are at least five empty bottles on my counter and a futher 3 bottles of Bordeaux waiting to be cracked open. You can buy a good vin rouge for less than a fiver so its no surprise that I am in my element. Grape juice in Ireland isn’t even this cheap! I’ve always adored French culture and, although I’ll probably return home a stone heavier, I am thoroughly embracing it. We were all a little tipsy after our 3 hours of wine tasting yesterday (not gonna lie!) and a little hungry, so we went food shopping. I’ve never seen anything like the amount of fresh fruit and veg in every supermarket in Paris. And don’t get me started on the fromageries. If I had an oven I would be baking Mont d’Or every day! A few friends came over for dinner so I made chilli con carne cooked with fresh chilli peppers, lots of cumin and beaucoup de red wine… both in the pot and in my glass! C’était délicieux!

2013-01-08 20.25.04

2013-01-08 20.16.36

After dinner, three of us went for a short one and a half hour stroll around the quartier. It was just what I needed to walk off all the food and wine off after a day of total indulgence. I still can’t get over how beautiful this area is. I never get tired at looking at all the stunning buildings and there’s always another little gem to discover, like La Maison du Chocolat below. Note to self – must try their macaroons toute de suite!

2013-01-09 20.21.28

2013-01-09 20.17.00

My top find last night was a beautiful 5 star boutique hotel called Saint James Paris which reminded me instantly of Hayfield Manor. If it was a little earlier and I was properly dressed I would have gone in for a look around. I fully intend on going for afternoon tea (and a snoop!) there some day soon. I’ll let you all know how it compares to my favourite Cork hotel 😉

2013-01-09 20.16.00

2013-01-09 20.43.22

The best part of last night by far was texting my little brother Steven. Thanks for the constant stream of photographs – they had me in stitches all evening. Vous êtes fous!! I hope you all got the pen off your faces before mum got home! Harriet, ma puce,  you are quite the artiste. Oh and mum, in case you weren’t aware of  your babies’ temporary facial hair, eh… SURPRISE!

À bientôt,



2013-01-08 23.54.39

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