Bienvenue à Paris!

Coucou tout le monde 🙂

Well I made it safe and sound to Paris, and mon Dieu, from what I’ve seen so far its amazing! My apartment is in a beautiful old building in the 16th arrondissement, just a short stroll from le Tour Eiffel. I’ve heard elevators in Parisian buildings are few and far between and even though my building has one, luckily, I’m on the 1st floor just in case it decides it has had enough passengers for the day (happens more regularly than one thinks in Paris!) My first encounter with a Parisian elevator was at my estate agents’ office about 2pm yesterday and there was barely enough room for my two bags and me in it. Why the 17th century builders did not think to leave room for a large elevator shaft is beyond me!!

2013-01-04 18.54.18   2013-01-04 18.53.51

Just to give you a little flavour about the area that I live in, the 16th Arrondissement is on the banks of the river Seine and comparable to New York’s Upper East Side (you may call me Blair Waldorf!) or London’s Kensington and Chelsea areas. Which, now that I think of it, is probably why the rent here is so god damn expensive!! I’m a 3 minute walk to Trocadéro where one can find an abundance of museums, theatres and an aquarium as well as the nearest metro stop. Below is a picture of the amazing view from corner of my street. As you can see it was a little foggy today in Paris, but even fog can’t mask the beauty of the city.

2013-01-05 21.43.35

Today, I took the metro to the Champs Elysées – a whole 3 stops away from my place. Realistically, I can walk to the L’Arc du Triomphe in 20 minutes. And before anyone asks, I was very good and I did not buy a thing…. The sales don’t start till Wednesday!!! I bought myself a trusty Nokia from SFR (best customer service I have ever received in a phone shop – O2 take note!) and I now have a French numèro de téléphone so email/facebook/text/whatsapp/viber/tweet me if you’d like it 😉 I was also dragged into a gun and taser shop (don’t ask!) by the lovely Rory and visited all the car dealership show rooms on the avenue. Steven & David – the following pictures are for you. Can anyone name the cars below correctly? Answers on a postcard please!!

 2013-01-05 14.48.20

2013-01-05 14.52.01

2013-01-05 14.54.01

I’ve been here two days and I have fallen in love with Paris already. And yes, the €3 Beaujolais has probably played a huge part in this love affair!! I can honestly say that it feels like home already.

À bientôt,

Char xoxo

2013-01-05 22.16.54

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